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Pain when feeding my DS

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wellbalanced Thu 17-Sep-09 10:30:19

My little man is 5mth and has been feeding fine, no probs, no pain.

Until a couple of week ago when its now very painful to feed. BF counseller thought maybe thrush but neither me (apart from pain) or bubs showed symptoms. I saw the dr and he ssid could be onset of Mastitis so i took course of anti-biotics. I was feeling better near end of tabs but 2days after finishing im in agony when feeding.

I also dont think he's fully satisfied as not always getting full feed.

He is teething and pulling, grinding, clamping but dont think that is main reason for pain.

anotherbearlover Thu 17-Sep-09 12:59:48

It does sound like thrush - have a look at Breastfeeding Network website ( for a clear list of symptoms in you and babe. This may help you to decide whether this is the cause of the pain.
Thrush is usually in both breasts and can cause pain during and after feeds. Do check out the BfN info and print off the bit for Health professionals to take back to your GP if necessary.
NB babies do not always have symptoms, except the ones you describe of pulling away etc.But if thrush is present, you are both exposed to the spores which cause it at every feed. You might like to try some of the self help info and of course, experiment with positions and attachment to see if there is one which is more comfortable for you until you get to the bottom of it. Good luck.

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