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For all potential new mums planning to breast feed - have a look at these while you have the time

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mears Sat 04-Jun-05 21:52:29

Just thought I would post these links to prepare all you mums out there expecting new babies and planning to breastfeed. Hopefully this info will help avoid initial latching problems. It has great clips to demonstrate what to do when you scroll down the page

correct latching of baby

mears Sat 04-Jun-05 21:53:45

here is another useful link

mears Sat 04-Jun-05 21:55:09

some more vidoe clips

mears Sat 04-Jun-05 21:57:00

That is the second time today that I haven't been able to spell video clips.

I had forgotten about these clips till I went into the archives today. A well prepared mum gets off to a good breast feeding start. Thought I would highlight them as a uasful tool to refer to.

misdee Sat 04-Jun-05 21:58:50

amazing link. even an old-timer is learning

beansprout Sat 04-Jun-05 22:07:32

Wow, thanks Mears. I wish I could have seen something like this before ds was born, I was SO worried about the whole b/feeding thing. Thankfully, he's a natural.

Thanks also for starting such a positive and supportive thread.

mears Sat 04-Jun-05 22:09:47

some take a little while to down load. I have been looking at them again and I am not even breastfeeding LOL. Isn't it lovely to see little newborns feeding? Takes me back....

spod Sat 04-Jun-05 22:30:42

Message deleted

gingerbear Sat 04-Jun-05 23:37:07

Aww, takes me back. My breastfeeding days stopped a while ago, but I felt a tingle watching those clips.

welshmum Sun 05-Jun-05 15:27:40

thanks mears - am just getting it together with number 2 so really useful stuff, am enjoying it all so much more this time around

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