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BF& weaning - not getting enough milk?

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Hulla Wed 16-Sep-09 17:29:49

DD is 8 months next week and we have been BLW since she was 6 months.

Recently she has started to show very little interest in milk during the day. Today, for example, she fed on and off from about 5/6am and then woke for the day at 6.50am when DH took her down for breakfast. She then had a little feed at around 12.30pm - after lunch. I offered before lunch but she wasn't interested. She has then had a little snack in the afternoon (rice cake) and then not wanted milk until 5pm.

She has been doing this for a few days and I thought she might catch up at night but she generally goes to sleep at around 7.30-8pm and wakes for her first feed at about 3am. I don't feel like she's feeding all night (I'm sure I'd remember).

So I am just a bit concerned that she isn't getting enough milk. I am quite engorged this afternoon. I expected her to reduce her milk gradually but this feels too fast. DH even asked if its possible that she doesn't want bm anymore. I told him I doubted it at 8 months old but I realised that this is what my family are going to say so if we continue to bf its going to look to them like I am forcing her when she wants to wean.

So can you tell me what you think? I don't usually worry about her milk intake but this has gone on for a few days so I'm worrying a bit. Should I just trust that she's getting enough?

Hulla Wed 16-Sep-09 18:58:33

Anyone? Please?

tiktok Wed 16-Sep-09 19:14:23

Hulla, I agree, this is puzzling, and I also agree that at 8 mths, babies do not decide they don't want bf any more.

I think you might be helped if you regard this as a bit of a nursing strike - there are all sorts of reasons for this, and all sorts of tricks to help the baby get over it.

It's a behaviour thing - sometimes related to changes or frustrations or stresses they're becoming aware of.

hang on it there. Search nursing strike for ideas on overcoming it, or call one of the helplines.

Hulla Wed 16-Sep-09 19:18:31

Thanks TikTok, I'll get searching. smile

Hulla Wed 16-Sep-09 19:26:39

Sorry for the short reply - DD feeding like crazy - don't want to distract her (we had a bath together).

I feel better that you think it may just be temporary smile

tiktok Wed 16-Sep-09 19:39:00

The bath together is a great trick for strikers - glad it has had results

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