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Ravenous at night! Help...

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jimbobsmummy Wed 16-Sep-09 15:44:45

DS is 19 weeks. I've sais elsewhere on here that I had a nightmare feeding him to begin with but that is now better. He currently is breastfed apart from one bottle at night.

He was taking about 6-7 oz in his bottle (SMA gold) which he was having at about 11. He would then sleep till about 6.30 or so, then feed then sleep another couple of hours. We would make 7 or 8, he would usually leave a bit. This seemed pretty normal to me, and I was happy with it except I would prefer he went to bed earlier.

Over the last couple of weeks he has started taking more and more in his bottle. For the last 4 nights he has totally drained a 9 oz bottle and still seems to be looking for more I think. When he has finished the bottle he now is getting very agitated and screaming for about 20 mins or so until he goes to sleep. Before, he would fall asleep while feeding quite calmly.

9 oz seems a heck of a lot for such a little baby (and he is little too - 13 pounds, and just above 2nd centile). His nappy is full to bursting in the morning!

He doesn't seem to be especially feeding more in the day, it doesn't really seem like a growth spurt. He is waking earlier though, now more like 5.

The HV suggested trying him on SMA white for a couple of nights - we did this last night and he woke 3 times in the night which is very unusual for him.

Any ideas?

Are we getting close to needing to add in a bit of food? I don't think I'm going to wait till 26 weeks as he will be going to nursery then and I want to at least start him off a bit before then. But I was hoping to wait another 3 or 4 weeks before startng if possible.

Hulla Wed 16-Sep-09 19:42:49

It sounds like the 4 month growth spurt to me. My dd did it and it was hard but it passes.

I don't think changing the formula will help and if it is a growth spurt I think more milk would solve it. I am no expert but I would say if he is draining a 9oz bottle then he is hungry and needs it.

I wouldn't bother with solids either. I watched so many of friends wean around the 4 month growth spurt and it just caused more waking (due to digesting food I guess). And, if you think about it, filling his tummy with pureed carrot or whatever isn't going to be as filling as milk - it has less calories so he might end up more hungry.

My advice would be to go with it, feed more (offer more bf in the day?) and it will pass.

Wait until he's 26 weeks to wean and join us on the BLW thread!

tiktok Wed 16-Sep-09 19:45:44

How about 'topping him up' with a breastfeed after the bottle? It's likely he'll not take a huge amount. Better than having him scream for 20 mins, yes?

Hope this helps.

jimbobsmummy Wed 16-Sep-09 19:51:33

I thought he had already had the 4 month growth spurt a couple of weeks ago at about 16 weeks - that was very bad for about 5 days so I hope it isn't going to be like that again!

I know a little bit of baby rice won't do much for his appetite, but I do wonder if it is a sign he is getting ready for wanting more.

I don't think I'm going to do BLW, its going to be too difficult with me back at work and I really think I want to at least start the process myself before I go back, rather than leaving it to the nursery.

Hulla Thu 17-Sep-09 09:12:09

I don't think its a sign for readiness for food. They are posted lots on here somewhere but I think they are:

NHS Weaning leaflet p4

It specifically says that these are not signs that he wants more (food) just more milk at his age.

My dd's behaviour all changed at 4 months and went on longer than a few days (more like a few weeks). I posted lots about it her, on the "Sleep" board...everywhere. Its exhausting but it gets better.

HTH smile

Hulla Thu 17-Sep-09 09:21:47

BLW & Nursery

P.s. Obviously up to you how you wean but there is a bit of info here about BLW & returning to work/nurseries.

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