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Almost 4 week old dd making 'lip-smacking9; noises while feeding

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Picante Tue 15-Sep-09 10:41:24

It's really noisy! Ive had the latch checked and it's fine. She's had a cold - still snuffly - could this be what's making her make these noises? Is she getting into a bad habit or will she grow out of it?

Tinfoil Tue 15-Sep-09 17:28:45

Yes, I think it's probably because she has a cold.

LovelyTinOfSpam Tue 15-Sep-09 17:37:18

Mine is doing this at the mo hmm

The first one never did it.

It seems to be when she has had enough food and is just dozing and sucking sporadically. I have started taking her off when it gets silly!

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