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can u recommend an electric pump

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lyra41 Sat 04-Jun-05 09:55:50


Will go back to work when the baby is about 6 months and I'm thinking about expressing whilst I'm at work. Can anyone recommend an effecient electric pump to use?

hercules Sat 04-Jun-05 10:19:22

I found that the electric ones were too noisy to use at work so used an avent one fine. Got all I needed iyswim.

hercules Sat 04-Jun-05 10:19:48

I was very worried about someone wondering what I was doing

fluppy Mon 06-Jun-05 14:03:07

Yes - I've used the ameda lactaline double pump and found it easy and efficient. But it isn't cheap, and it is quite noisy.

Bellybee Wed 15-Jun-05 17:29:36


I have also used the Ameda Lactaline. in fact, I used lots of pumps before this (including Medela Symphony, Avent Isis, Medela Single Electric). The Ameda one was by far the best in my opinion, although very hard to get hold of online - the only place selling it as far as I can see is a website called \link{}. Hope that helps.

chipmonkey Wed 15-Jun-05 20:30:09

Just got my Isis IQ duo, will let you know how I get on.

chipmonkey Thu 16-Jun-05 00:55:52

have used it! Got the same amount in 10 min that I would normally get in 25 so thats great! And its not noisy at all, think I could use it in work without anyone noticing. The putting together took a while but I'm hoping it won't be like that when I have it all figured out and am used to it. I do find it better than the hospital grade Medela one that I used when ds3 was born prem. But a rep from Medela seemed to think that was more to do with other people abusing that pump so maybe unfair. I do like that you set the rhythm yourself because no 2 babies are the same and the conventional rhythm that suits one mum may not suit the next. It is expensive though, you can get Medela and Ameda ones for about 50 pounds cheaper ( and when you convert to Euro for us in Ireland it SOUNDS so much more expensive but for me there was no argument as I found the Isis hand-pump better than the Medela electric one so I felt that it was better to spend a lot of money in something I had confidence in rather than spend less and regret it later IYKWIM.

throckenholt Thu 16-Jun-05 08:07:56

If you are just expressing while at work I would go for the avent hand pump - much cheaper and more discrete than the electric ones, and pretty much as effective.

As far as electric ones go - the ameda lactaline is very good, but expensive. You can hire them from the ameda website.

chipmonkey Thu 16-Jun-05 12:04:15

OMG I sounded hyper on my last post!

18mumtobe Fri 17-Jun-05 12:11:44

im expressing for every feed at the moment ds is only 11 dyas old. i have been using the ameda lactaline pump and find it very good and easy to use, it is a double pump so it takes half the time. it is quite expensive mine was about £75 but you can hire them. i don't think it is that noisy but it depends where you are able to pump at work.

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