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Could either of these medications be interfering with my milk supply?

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Hangingbellyofbabylon Mon 14-Sep-09 21:39:34

I am currently taking 150mg of sertraline a day which I took throughout the pregnancy. Post-natally I developed high blood pressure and am also taking 600mg of labetolol daily.

dd is 2 weeks old today and hasn't yet got back to her birth weight although is gaining weight slowly now. The HV is giving me the heeby jeebys now and has told me that she has to gain 3-4oz by Wednesday. She is demand feeding and feeding well in my opinion although she does have a bit of a tendency to fall asleep quickly after a few minutes so I've been doing breast compressions.

With my first 2 dd's I seemed to have a lot of milk, I could feel a fast let-down and it was pouring out. This time I don't even need breast pads and I just don't seem to have the same amount of milk as before. I was wondering if the medication I'm on could impact on my supply or perhaps it's because she falls asleep and so isn't feeding efficiently?

Any ideas?

Tambajam Mon 14-Sep-09 22:01:44

Setraline will have no effect on milk supply. It is the most common AD of choice for bfing mums worldwide. No reports.
I can find less data on Labetolol but the couple of references I can find (Hale and on here actually - do a search) says no supply problems.

Returning to birthweight by 2 weeks is obviously the ideal but it doesn't always happen. The key thing is what was her lowest weight and how is she now in relation to that. Plenty of babies take 3 weeks to get back to birthweight.

Not leaking isn't necessarily an indicator of problems. The little sphincter muscles get stronger around the ducts and leaking becomes less likely with time. Having said that, if you know your daughter is falling asleep on the breast after a short feed that is likely to be a contributing factor. How are her nappies? You are doing the right thing with breast compressions and skin-to-skin can help too.

I would phone a helpline if I were you and talk through things with a bf counsellor so you have some information to pass onto the HV on Wednesday. e.g. what are all the steps to consider before formula supplementation (galactalogues, expressing, more frequent feeding).

Hangingbellyofbabylon Mon 14-Sep-09 22:57:10

thanks tambajam - good advice.I'm going to my breastfeeding group this week so will get them to check her latch and stuff. dd was quite big at 3850g at birth. My midwife has taken my notes so I don't know how low she got but I do know that she was 3550g on Friday and was 3600g today so is gaining weight now at least.

She is an extremely relaxed baby, I've never had one like this before. My first two cried so much and every time they cried I popped a breast in their mouths so they both gained weight really fast. My last dd was 5lb at birth (at 35 weeks) and 10lb at 5 weeks old blush. Perhaps this is just normal for this little one but I am a bit concerned about her stop-start attitude to feeding, she is just so casual about it all. I have my first morning tomorrow with just me and dd as dh is back at work and dds at school and playgroup so I'm going to spend the morning in bed skin to skin and feeding loads hopefully. smile.

logrrl Tue 15-Sep-09 20:18:33

just to add, your HV cannot MAKE you do anything, simply advise...and unfortunately, not all HV are "good" HV.

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