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3mo reducing feeds?! what should i do?

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Tangas Mon 14-Sep-09 20:59:38

Hi there
DD,3mo, has started reducing her feeds. She was doing 5oz easy but about 3wks ago she has "gone off it". Only taking 3oz or less. she was going through the night(7pm-7am), but because of this she is waking anywhere between 4-6am and having 3-4oz.

For instance last night she went down at 6.30pm, woke at 5am had 4oz and coz we were all so tired we all slept in till 8.30am. she started the "hunger cry" at about 9.30am but only took 1oz off that bottle??! All the rest of today her naps and feeds have gone up the wall.

the HV has advised i changed the treats to med flow (which i did last wk) but it hasn't made a difference.
my friend said not to worry as her DS did that and she'll sort herself out. She is gaining weight so she's obviously healthy.

now my mum is saying to start her on baby rice as i was weaned at 3mo coz in those days it was the norm. but surley you should start weaning when there finishing there feeds and still looking for more...

What do i do? has this happened to anyone else b4?
Yours truely one tired mummy x

BertieBotts Mon 14-Sep-09 22:24:15

No, don't start her on baby rice. She is much much too little for solids. Your mum did right by you - she followed the medical advice of her day, but it's now changed (this is how I explained it to my mum) and I think we should follow the most up to date advice to be safest.

I would agree with your friend - as long as she is gaining weight and is alert and seems happy, don't worry, she will sort herself out.

If she is seeming unsettled it could be trapped wind or colic? Or possibly early teething? But if she is happy I honestly wouldn't worry at all - she knows what she needs Sorry you have to get up at night again though! Can you catch up on sleep during the day?

Tangas Tue 15-Sep-09 10:48:33

well she is showing signs of early teething, i'm rubbing teething gel on her gums just b4 a feed to stop her mouth being so sencitive. but thats not really helping either.

Having her weighed tomorrow at clinic so we'll c if she's gained any more.

i suppose i'm more bothered about the waking in the night to feed as its like 10 steps backwards after we were doing so well. and no i can't catch up on lost sleep as i'm a single mum, and have a 2yr old who has stopped afternoon naps. sad x

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