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is it just me or

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starshaker Sat 04-Jun-05 00:03:28

does any1 else find it hard to count to 5 when making up bottles lol

jessicasmummy Sat 04-Jun-05 00:03:46

try counting to 9!!!!

starshaker Sat 04-Jun-05 00:04:19

lol dont think my brain would let me lol

colditz Sat 04-Jun-05 00:06:07

oh bless you, I remember I used to get into such a mess, cos I was soooo tired!

Gwenick Sat 04-Jun-05 00:07:42

oooh - I hated doing that with DS2 - used to make up a 'days' worth in one go and stick them in the fridge. He was having 9oz, about 4 (sometimes 5 - so we always made a 'spare') times a day.........

Of course DS1 would like to 'help' with the counting and being only 3-4yrs old at the time wouldn't stop at 9.............

I was SOOOO glad when he swtiched to cows milk (although I'm sure it's more expensive as he's still drinking 3 x 9oz bottles a day!)

starshaker Sat 04-Jun-05 12:19:40

i normally make up bottles at night after i put her to bed so by then my brain isnt really workning well anyway but then dp tries to talk to me aaahhhhhh

rickman Sat 04-Jun-05 13:09:57

Message withdrawn

rickman Sat 04-Jun-05 13:10:24

Message withdrawn

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