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16 weeks not feeding & can't cope.

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mumoj Mon 14-Sep-09 10:20:55

My 16 week old boy keeps missing feeds. Never had problem with feeding before. He's been 4 hourly since 4 weeks. I try to put him to breast & he screams & won't take. missed feed yesterday pm, fed well in night feed, but won't feed again this morn. I'm struggling to cope, crying at the slightest thing & wondering if he's picking up on this & that's why won't feed. I'm getting plenty of sleep, so don't know whats wrong. Not sure if I should still express when he's due to feed, cause don't want suply to go down. Sorry for long post. Don't know what to do!

Fliss01 Mon 14-Sep-09 12:08:17

If its any consolation I am going through exactly the same today. DD has fed well for the first five weeks and today she is screaming the place down an hour and a half before she is due a feed. Before this she was happily on a three hourly scedule. I have started expressing and feeding on demand but feel all my hard work to get her in a routine is down the pan.

Sorry not very helpful but you not the only one if tats any help.

Hulla Mon 14-Sep-09 15:07:09

Mumoj Have things improved?

My dd did this at around 3-4 months and I was frantic with worry after 6 hours. She had been feeding every 2 hours at the most around then and suddenly stopped one day.

I called LLL who suggested skin to skin (she was upset and seemed to want to latch but couldn't). I managed to feed her in the bath in the end (that worked a few times actually! smile). The next day she came down with a terrible cold and blocked nose so I think that was the reason she wasn't feeding the day before.

Have you been feeding on demand? Can you try feeding him when he's asleep? DD managed to feed at night (asleep) when she was ill but not in the day.

I think your supply should be ok if it's just for a day but you might want to express for comfort if you feel full.

Hope things have improved now smile

mumoj Mon 14-Sep-09 20:15:40

Thanks for the words of support. He did feed really well in middle of night last night.
I took him to Dr earlier to get checked out & all ok. He's fed better this afternoon & has slept quite alot on & off all day. Think might have been bit of upset tum. So unusual for him cause can usually feed him between feeds for convenience even if he's not hungry.
I'm going to express later tonight to try to increase supply again, ready for him to probably make up for last few days.
Fingers crossed he'll sleep well & we can start fresh day again tmw.

Thanks again

Hulla Tue 15-Sep-09 07:43:04

Glad things have improved now smile

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