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Frantic evening feeding and bedtime

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Sophie1106 Mon 14-Sep-09 10:17:57

Hi everyone

Yet again I need the wisdom and experience of the world of mumsnet. Can anyone shed any light on how to approach scheduling a 7pm bedtime with a baby that likes to feed all evening? I am beginning to wonder whether my baby is getting enough food during the day now after reading various posts. She is predominantly breastfed with 1-3 bottles of formula given during the day. Firstly, she is approaching 13 weeks and is 13lbs and has always gained weight well although it is starting to slow down somewhat but still above average.Since we introduced formula at 8 weeks she was going 3 hourly between these feeds and about 2 hourly between breastfeeds before asking for a feed, but from about 7pm onwards she gets very frantic and feeds off and on until 9.30 pm approx.when she gets v. tired. We thought she was overtired which is why she was behaving this way(even though she has a half hour nap every 2 hours or so during the day)so decided to try to start a 7pm bedtime but as yet have been unsuccessful in getting her to sleep at this time as she seems to want to feed and cries a lot otherwise. Other mums have said that she is tanking up for nightime but I am beginning to wonder whether she is making up for what she should have had during the day? Unless she has these frantic feeds she certainly doesn't sleep long through the night and has begun to wake up again at about 3 pm? Could thisso be coinciding with a growth spurt? We have another problem in that she is starting to refuse bottle feeds which I know is a common problem at this time but doesn't help matters. We will just persevere with this one though.Much appreciation and thanks in advance for your support.

modmum Mon 14-Sep-09 10:29:10

I would say tanking up for bedtime!!! Could be worse - could be 5pm -11pm!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT sleeping through to 9am/10am.

pippa251 Wed 16-Sep-09 17:14:25

i had the same prob so started expressing a bottle and giving it as well as the breast at bed time when done on the breast she'll fall off for a break then ( i pass to DP who bottle feeds) This has got bed time down to sub 45 min which was a massive improvement from 3 hours!

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