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Do I really have to stop...?? (Extended BFing)

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misspollysdolly Sun 13-Sep-09 21:54:52

DS2 is just short of 20 months and I still BF him every morning on waking and before bed (both side each time), but not at all during the day. In my own mind I had wanted to feed him til he turned two (January) and then I signed up to go away on a week's course in about 4 weeks' time. Originally I was going to take DS2 with me (there is a creche) but I decided that I am not going to do this in the end as I really need a) to have my mind fully on the course and b) I need a bit of R&R from the kids tbh. I therefore set myself the target of weaning him off the BFing so that I was not feeding him by the time I went away. This would start tomorrow with a week of dropping the morning feed followed by gradually dropping the bedtime feed too. Anyhoo, now that I'm staring that in the face I feel pretty sad at the thought of stopping I need to stop for the sake of 4 nights away...?? Didn't really want all the malarky of taking breast pumps etc with me, and I know that he probably won't bat an eyelid over stopping. I just feel a bit sad. Could I get away with not changing what I'm doing currently , not feed at all for 5 days and then just pick up where I left off on my return home....?

justbeme Sun 13-Sep-09 22:10:49

I think you would probably "explode" and be very sore. I would think the only way is to take a breast pump.

Olihan Sun 13-Sep-09 22:20:31

No, you don't need to stop, you don't need to do anything.

I went away when ds2 was a similar age, also for 4 nights and it was fine. I did need to pump on the first night (and possibly 2nd night) because I was a bit uncomfortable but I think he was feeding a bit more frequently than your ds2 at that age. I literally pumped enough to relieve the pressure but that was it.

When I got back I decided I'd see if he wanted it, rather than offering. He asked at bedtime and it was fine. I think it took a couple of days for my supply to get back to normal but he didn;t seem to mind at all. We went on to feed until he was 2.1

So, in answer to your question, IME yes you can go, not feed then pick up where you left off.

Enjoy the course and the break!

PortAndLemon Sun 13-Sep-09 22:50:31

You don't need to stop, but you will probably get engorged -- no need to take a breast pump, though. I went away a couple of times for a week with work when DS was about 14 months and 18 months and I just hand-expressed in the shower in the mornings to relieve engorgement. DS picked up breastfeeding again fine when I returned.

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