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Dropped first bf

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evansmummy Fri 03-Jun-05 19:04:03

Last night was the first of the breastfeeds to go .

Ds has been having trouble feeding before bed for a little while and was just getting worse and worse, so I had to bite the bullet and give him a bottle. Well, I couldn't do it, dh did it. I feel a bit sad, cos it's like he's growing up (he's only 6 months lol!), and I love bf, even though it hasn't been particularly easy for us.

Oh well, there's still 4 feeds to go, so it's not over yet.

bilbs Fri 03-Jun-05 19:29:42

I know how you feel, stopped breast feeding to return to work, and hung on as long as I could to breast feeding. Took 2mth to stop, and very last feed felt aweful, like the last supper! Just think 6mths that's briliant ! You've given the best start and now its time to enjoy the next stage of development. I really enjoyed seeing my baby feeding himself for the first time, using a beaker. ~Enjoy each stage and welcome the progress made! KIDS ARE GREAT!!!

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