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Couldn't BF DD1 now 6weeks pg again how can I get it right this time?

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butterscotch Sat 12-Sep-09 21:43:45

I really wanted to BF last baby (now 25months happy & healthy) however my nipples were "inverted" and we had so many problems trying to feed, it was quite stressful I spent several hours at the hospital and tried once we left, as we never got the latch right it never worked once we got her latched but she came right off....i expressed had mastitus (lovely not) I cut down on the expressing as I was pretty much house bound otherwise....

So I am 6 weeks pregnant and really want to succeed this time. Any suggestions?

thanks in advanced

PeasPlease Sun 13-Sep-09 18:44:35

Butterscotch I have flat nipples that concerned me when I started BF, DD didn't seem to naturally latch on like I saw other babies doing in hospital. The midwives were a bit negative about my chances but things improved when I started feeding her whilst lying down on my side. When she grew bigger latching on became much easier as she just took a mouth full of the whole breast not the nipple.

Fortunately I also had an extremely supportive partner who never suggested bottles. Having no bottles or formula in the house ever probably helped too.

mamaolivia Sun 13-Sep-09 21:01:52

Hi Butterscotch,
You could be me! Had exactly the same with my dd. Really wanted to bf and was really determined with my second (ds, now 9 weeks old). I bought Avent Niplette and used it for first 3 months and last few weeks of my pregnancy. That did temporarily bring my nipples out. Also did loads of reading up on Bf. Read politics of breastfeeding and read loads of threads on here, including when people were having trouble and seeing the advice they were being given. When my ds was born I bf him as soon as possible and pretty much kept him on me for first few days. Used the niplette before each feed and after about the second day my nipples were "out" enough for him to get latched on. They are still quite flat but I guess my son has learnt how to get the milk from them! ANyway, to cut a long story short ds is exclusively bf and is now 9 weeks and doing really well - so it Is possible and you will be able to do it. I think having all that info behind me as well as knowing timings of drop in bf clinics etc as well as using the niplette gave me the confidence I could do it. Best of luck with the pg xx

butterscotch Sun 13-Sep-09 21:40:49

Thanks ladies I'll look for the Niplette's I am sure I have some from last pregnancy or something similar from last pregnancy but will need to buy new as no doubt silicon will deteriate! I'm checking all the bf threads as well x

Caro1302 Sun 13-Sep-09 21:42:10

I have flat nipples and my DS couldn't latch on at birth. The MWs and BFC couldn't get him to latch either and I was gutted. After 2 weeks I went to a BF drop-in cafe and a lovely retired MW spent time with me and we finally managed it and mix fed for 7 months.

This time around I was determined to get off to a better start. DD was born nearly 6 weeks ago and I found I had the same problem with the flat nipples, however this time I knew how to "shape" my nipples to get her latched on and persevered until we managed it. We had a very poor latch for the first few days, and my nipples became sore but once she got used to it our latch improved and it quickly became pleasant. My nipples are still pretty flat most of the time but I just pull them around a bit to make them stand out. The right one is worse than the left and she definitely latches onto the left much easier.

I deliberately didn't buy any formula or new teats for the bottles so I basically had to feed her- otherwise I'm sure I'd have given in. I also read kellymom and reviews of the Politics of Breastfeeding (although haven't read the actual book yet) and was determined to avoid formula. At almost 6 weeks we are exclusively BF and I'm really proud of myself. It also gets easier every week because her mouth is getting bigger so latching is much easier. Good luck!

butterscotch Thu 17-Sep-09 21:31:49

Thanks Caro1302 thats reassuring!

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