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Long-term blocked duct - any suggestions?

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Mapleleaf134 Thu 10-Sep-09 08:32:30


I have an almost-7-month-old son, who I was exclusively breastfeeding. A few of months ago he started pulling off during feeds and screaming. Sometimes I could get him back on and sometimes I couldn't. He's always been on the small side, so I was concerned he wouldn't get enough milk. I spoke to the GP, the health visitor and went to a breastfeeding clinic, but no one was concerned or helpful.

Eventually, I started getting blocked ducts on both sides, with large, painful lumps that would come and go. For the last month or so I have noticed a yellow spot on my left nipple. I tried piercing it (cringe), massaging the breast, expressing, hot compresses, extra feeding, but to no avail. The spot is sometimes big, sometimes small, but the worst thing is that I have almost no milk on that side any more. My son will only feed for about 30 seconds before refusing it, and I can only express 1/2 oz at most. I'm back at work now and am feeding him in the morning and night, and expressing (very little) at work, but we've had to give him formula after every breast feed (except his one feed during the night, as he's too sleepy to complain). My left breast never gets full, no matter how long I go without feeding, unlike my right. I'm heartbroken about this, but realise I should just stop breast feeding altogether, as it's upsetting for both of us. However, I'd still like to get rid of this blocked duct and have a couple of last enjoyable, satisfying feeds with my son. I would be so grateful for any advice! Thank you.

thisisyesterday Thu 10-Sep-09 22:46:43

give one of the breastfeeding helplines a call, they should be able to offer you advice.
you can call them any time

Mapleleaf134 Fri 11-Sep-09 09:46:11

Thanks, but I did call, and followed their advice to use compresses, feed more often and express. Sigh!

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