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Mix Fed Baby Suddenly Refusing Bottle

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EmmaLouise1982 Wed 09-Sep-09 20:57:03

I've had a really bad day with my 15 week old bubs today

He had bad reflux as a newborn which is why I began to mix-feed (formula stayed down easier) and after seeing an osteopath the reflux has pretty much resolved itself and we have continued to mux feed successfully.

He generally has BF in the night and for his first feed and then through the day I offer BF first and then FF to top up and then he has BF before bed. He always has FF if we are out and about using Dr Browns bottles, with no issues.

Anyway, today he has refused bottles all day and just wants to be at the breast, but obviously my milk supply isn't enough to satisfy him now because of the mix feeding so we've just had a day of upset and tears!

He has literally been screaming when the bottle goes near him for no apparent reason, confused! Early evening, I tried a MAM teat on his dr brown bottle and he took it after a bit of coaxing, but that didn't work again the next time.

He's really drooling, biting etc. so maybe it's teeth?!

Any ideas what this might be anyone, I'm just hoping he;s back to nomral tomorrow!

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