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Miracle cure for fussy/colicky/unsettled FF baby

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MakkaPakkasWilly Wed 09-Sep-09 12:51:18

Hey ladies

I have a 5 week old DS who has had a terrible time feeding, really unsettled, screams after feeds, thrashes, plus he vomits A LOT.
At one point he was even vomiting blood.

I took him to the GP who told me to BF exclusively and couldn't offer any other assistance, which I was pretty pissed off about, as I got quite ill after the birth and was on a lot of medication and didn't want to BF as I needed to focus on getting ME well.

Plus, as DS was gaining well and doing well they weren't really interested and just said 'he'll grow out of it'
(well of course he will but that doesn't help me for the next 4-6 months now does it).

I told my SIL who is a childminder and she recommended I try goats milk formula - didn't even know it existed - I did some research and found it is not available in this country as formula due to some EU labelling ruling, which made me sceptical but I tried it anyway. I bought a small trial tin direct from vita care, and oh my god what a change.

Ever since being on it, he is angel baby. No more fussing, constant vomiting, screaming.
He feeds, and sleeps much longer and more soundly. I only wish I had known about it for DS1, who was even worse.

I can't recommend enough if you have a fussy/colicky baby.
I daresay it won't work for ALL babies, and it's fairly expensive, but I had to pass on the word as I remember with DS1 I was often in tears and would have paid anything for a cure!

Difficulty obtaining - mail order only
When they DO puke it smells really bad

Happy contented baby

I had trouble finding decent info about it on the web, so I contacted the company direct who were very helpful.

Anyway, just my 2 cents, I had never heard of it before a couple of weeks ago and it has totally changed things around here so wanted to pass on the word for people who are at their wits' end and looking for something that may help.

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