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3 month old suddenly really struggling with wind!

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cefnlli Wed 09-Sep-09 12:06:48

Hi, my son is 3 months old and I've bottle fed him from 3 days old. At about 9 days old he was bringing up his feeds and the MW suggested Infacol to help with his wind. We've been using it ever since and he has been thriving.

However for the last few days he has been taking 3ish ounces of his 7 and really been screaming in pain, arching his back and going red in the face. He is bringing up some wind but obviously there is still some there causing him pain. Have also been trying gripe water. Sometimes he'll eventually finish the bottle but a couple of times we've had to give up as he is getting so upset and tired.

I had changed the teat size from slow flow to medium flow (tommy tippee) as he was falling asleep during feeds but this is when the problem started. I've gone back to the slow flow now but the problem's still there!

Any help would be greatfully received as we're both getting quite upset about it...

forkhandles Wed 09-Sep-09 21:01:36

Do you think he was gulping in air with the medium flow then? I have used the Dr Browns bottles with my very windy DD2 and also the Playtex ones where you put a liner in to the plastic shell of a bottle - the bag collapses as the baby drinks so the baby never sucks in air bubbles with the milk. The Dr Browns are a fiddle to clean and the Playtex ones are easier but you do have to keep buying the liners. Both worked really well for me.


Dr Browns

I also used to find DD2 was worse when she was teething, but your lad is a bit young for that

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