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Started Mixed Feeding, Babies now Constipated-HELP

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valz Tue 08-Sep-09 13:49:51

Hi Ladies, I breastfed my twins for a month then started giving one of my twins formula last monday, while giving ebm to the smaller twin. my health visitor then said to mix feed both so they both get benefits of breastmilk so i started doing this from friday. the bigger twin was constipated from last monday until sunday, on the health visitors advice i gave some prune juice in 2oz of water and massaged his belly so something must have worked cuz he filled his nappy sunday morning but has not had a dirty nappy since. the other twin is now constipated too having started him on mixed feeding since friday. i have give both prune juice in water but neither have went yet, is there anything else i can do?

Also how many feeds of each do i give, i have quit bf and just express all my milk now at every feed but im unsure what order to give the feeds in or how many of each to give? is it best to give a formula feed at night, morning or through the day?

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