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10 month old reacting badly to formula?

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redllamayellowllama Mon 07-Sep-09 23:10:34

I semi-reluctantly gave my last bf last week and my 10 month old is now on formula (Aptamil) morning and evening having dropped his lunch feed of his own accord a month ago. Before this week he'd never had formula.

He's been an excellent sleeper and since we've made the shift to formula is waking up in the night with terrible wind - legs raised, screaming in pain which stops as soon as he is picked up. He's farting a lot during the day as well.

I'm wondering if it would be a terrible thing to go straight to cows milk/goats milk now. My DS has an incredibly varied and balanced diet and is certainly thriving. Any thoughts?

baby209 Tue 08-Sep-09 19:01:58

My experience was that I stopped b/f-ing at 10 months and my DD refused to drink formula. As she ate lots of cheese and yoghurt the HV's were not concerned, plus she loves her food and has never refused any kind of meat or veg so far (long may it continue).
I used to give her goats milk as I was brought up on this - fresh from our goats . . (my name isn't Heidi)
Anyway the HVs didn't like goats milk for the under-one's which is unusual as this doesn't seem to be a problem for parents in NZ or Oz.
She is now 20 months and doesn't drink cows milk, but has soya and goats with cereal, cheese sauces etc. I haven't noticed a problem as she is working her way through all the cheeses at the Deli counter, and so I am not worried about vitamins or calcium issues.
I think other parents I have met were advised to get vitamin tablets for their children because their babes were not so keen on food, or a wide variety of food.
Good luck!

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