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Breastbottle feeder, anyone know of/use it?

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berolina Thu 02-Jun-05 13:34:20

Am struggling to get 2 week old, currently mixed fed ds to latch on - possible nipple confusion (long story, see my thread below). A bfing counsellor sggested I try the Breastbottle feeder, although she doesn't know whether it's any good as it's so new on the market. Does anybody have it or any experiences with it?
link to Breastbottle feeder

throckenholt Thu 02-Jun-05 13:49:27

I have seen it on the net but never in real life - maybe worth a try.

Stick with the breast feeding - only bottle feed if you have to and he will come round in the end probably.

JoHo Fri 03-Jun-05 21:58:46

I got one of those off internet as my little un' wouldn't take bottle/teats of any sorts it is shaped like a boob with a screw on bottom (looks very perculiar !!) but she didn't take to it at all, it was a bit floppy !! I suggest the NUK latex orthodontic teats if babby won't take anything else, I wouldn't waste your money on one!

LeahE Fri 03-Jun-05 22:45:03

I've tried it but DS didn't actually like it much (although we had the other situation from your -- he'd latch on well at the breast but wasn't keen on bottles, so we were working our way through a wide range). We've had most success with the NUK medium flow teats.

Do you need to mixed feed at the moment? If you could steer clear of the bottle for a couple of weeks it might help.

chipmonkey Fri 03-Jun-05 22:48:21

I tried it and really thought ds3 would take to it, its really soft and very boob-like but unfortunately ds3 didn't agree! tbh it was a very awkward bottle to use. Like JoHo says its very floppy and if there's only an ounce left its hard to get it to flow into the nipple. Its difficult to fill and the measurements are upside down so if you're trying to read how much baby has taken you're dripping milk all over yourself! I got on much better with MAM teats, and they fit avent bottles if you already have those.

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