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Changing teat size?

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mrsjuan Mon 07-Sep-09 20:58:16

For the past few weeks I have been feeding 16 week DD a mix of EBM and formula with one lovely BF in the morning when she wakes up. All other attempts at BFing are rejected sad.
I use the tommee tippee closer to nature bottles and have been using the size 1 teats in the vain hope that if she ever does decide she wants to BF again she will be used to 'working' for the milk!
However as time goes on this looks like a more and more distant possibility and I'm wondering if I should move her up a teat size as the HV has said that a larger teat would make her less windy but I don't know how true that is.
I would also like to move her onto a cup soon so wondered if a larger teat size would be good preparation for that?

mumandlovingit Mon 07-Sep-09 22:14:04

i think you need to move her up a size if she is taking a long time to take the milk, is struggling to get it out of the bottle or is getting very windy with it.

i think it was a couple of months if not before that that my ds's were on medium flow teats and alot of colic bottles come with medium flow teats for that exact reason.

moving her onto a faster teat would be a good step towards a cup as it will neable her to get used to having the milk quicker so that she doesnt just choke with a cup.

we warned that for the first couple of bottles once you've changed the teat she may take it a bit quick and splutter abit with it as she gets used to the flow and not having to suck so hard.

good luck

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