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Frustrated at fussy/impatient feeder...:(

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Boodlerpoop Sat 05-Sep-09 20:29:06

Hi all, just looking for some advice.....ds is 6 weeks old since Tuesday, and bf was going really well up until about 2 weeks ago....About half the time I am feeding him he gets agitated and cries so much he can't latch on... Went to the gp on thursday as had not recieved a visit from hv for 2 weeks...(she is on holiday and there's no cover due to cutbacks...grr) His weight gain was in the 50th centile and now is only in the 25th. Gp advised me to give him one ff per day, but really don't want to start as I feel it's a slippery slope. At the moment I always try to have some expressed milk in the fridge, if he does fuss and won't latch on as a result, then I have that to fall back on. However, am spending half the day feeding/expressing just to keep up Feeling really frustrated with bf at the moment and could do with some support/advice

Heebychick Sat 05-Sep-09 21:48:44

Hi, my 7 week old DD is also really fussy and spends the whole feed going on and off and crying. I have put it down to reflux as she is totally fine if she's fed upright with a bottle (we introduced one as i need to return to odd days at work). She has only been putting on 3oz a week and has had the same drop, from 99centile to 75th centile now. She said the charts are for ff babies not bf babies and as long as the weight is going on and they are weeing and pooing ok and don't have too much dry skin then it's fine.

I have also just been to a cranial osteopat who said she had a really stiff neck which he worked on and now her feeding is a lot better (unless she's tired then it's pointless trying to keep her calm). So fingers crossd i can keep bf going, even if it's not every feed it will be something!

cfc Sat 05-Sep-09 22:30:28

Hi, could be overactive let down - have a look on for more advice, more than I could ever give here! The acronym is OALD. Was my problem previously.

Now I've got the opposite problem. Sigh.

Boodlerpoop Sat 05-Sep-09 23:16:03

Thanks for the messages, def not OALD cfc, thanks tho....have become resigned to the fact that that's just the way he feeds Fingers crossed for you Heebychick, keep up the good work!

Boodlerpoop Tue 08-Sep-09 20:46:54

Have given up bf altogether, after three days of crying every time I try to latch him on... Going to try and express as much as possible, but finding time is really difficult....really upset about this now, I wanted it to go so well

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