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please help...4 month old won't take bottle

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Emmahugs Fri 04-Sep-09 16:38:39

She hasn't had anything since 11am, it's now 4.30pm...i can't give in as I have to bottle feed her now as can't cope with breastfeeding all day and looking after 2year old....have tried different bottles, using expressed milk, formula, everything...she will not have it! HELP!

tiktok Fri 04-Sep-09 16:46:18

Emmahugs - forgive the directiveness. It's not worth upsetting her or yourself. It's 'meeting her needs' not 'giving in' when you breastfeed. It's not good for a baby to go this long without fluid for the sake of winning a fight

Try again tomorrow - maybe someone else can offer it instead.

Or try with a cup.

Or give her a bottle to play with, play with the bottle with her, keep smiling, not forcing or pushing....when she resists, give up and try later.

Keep things happy and relaxed, and she is more likely to co-operate.

Good will happen one way or another, but it will happen sooner, and more happily, if you don't let it become a battle

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