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If I want to express so DP can give DS a bottle...

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StripeySuit Thu 03-Sep-09 20:35:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ready Thu 03-Sep-09 20:40:06

I express in the morning and lunch as supply tends to be better, then save it for dh to give to dd last feed of the night, or first early hours feed.

notnowbernard Thu 03-Sep-09 20:41:54

How old is DS?

MrsBadger Thu 03-Sep-09 20:49:48

unless you meant when

in which case I'd say not till at least 6wks once your supply has had a chnace to settle down

daisyj Thu 03-Sep-09 20:54:19

I started expressing when DD was around 4 weeks and had enough for DH to give her a trial bottle at five weeks in preparation for me to go out for an afternoon when she was 6 weeks old. She really enjoyed the bottle, and the timing felt right to us. It is said to be best to wait till at least 4 weeks to give a bottle so the baby does not get nipple confusion and refuse the breast. I didn't get much more than a couple of ounces the first few times, but was able to express 3-4 ounces from each breast by the time she was about 10 weeks. Hope that helps.

StripeySuit Thu 03-Sep-09 20:56:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

StripeySuit Thu 03-Sep-09 21:40:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

notnowbernard Thu 03-Sep-09 21:43:44

I think expressing is fine once BF is well-established and the baby is feeding well

And for the occasional feed it's quite easy

I found mornings best, too - seemed to be a better supply then, especially if dc had slept for a few hours (just had to catch the let-down before the dams burst grin)

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