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11 month old losing interest in milk feeds - what shall I do?!

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Mary3324 Thu 03-Sep-09 18:11:58

My 11 month old ds seems to be losing interest in his milk feeds and I'm wondering if he is too young for this. I was breastfeeding at 7am and 7pm but I've now cut back to just the morning as he was refusing to take anything before bedtime. He is now taking about 20 - 30 mls of formula at bedtime instead, which seems more like a token gesture than anything else! He has been having a bottle in the afternoon and taking anything between 100 - 180mls, but now seems to be losing interest in that too.

In terms of food, he is eating us out of house and home, 3 times a day without fail so he's not in danger of wasting away! A few things I've read seem to be suggesting he should still be having a large quantity of milk at this age though, so I'm a bit concerned he is going to be missing out if I can't get any milk down him.

Any thoughts / advice would be much appreciated

thisisyesterday Thu 03-Sep-09 18:15:31

well, it is fairly commo9n for babies to go through a stage of wanting the breast less when they're around a year, a lot of mums take this opportunity to wean.
however, if you don't want him to wean then it might just be worth offering breast before each meal, and between as well just to keep him interested and maybe get a bit more down him,
don;t push it if he doesn't want it, of course

guineamango Thu 03-Sep-09 18:19:18

Hi try not to worry too much. My DD did this at 12 months, started to refuse breast milk and then all other types of milk! My HV said as long as she got dairy/calcium from other sources it would be ok. Cheese, yoghurt's, spinach etc
Now 3 years she still wont have milk even on her breakfast!
Obviously check with HV if you are still worried

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