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Pain when feeding my 20 wk DS

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wellbalanced Thu 03-Sep-09 11:25:46

Ds is now 20wk and we've had very few problems feeding, He feeds 2-3hourly in day and had started sleeping up to 10hrs at night.

Since last week he's been waking every 2-3hrs at night and my nipples are really painful, At first thought was just due to the extra feeds but its def not. I have a pinching feeling everytime i feed, its really painful and dont know why...

He is teething and often pulls on nipple but im sure this is not the reason also.
Do you think the pain and sleepless nights are linked?

Any ideas of what can be or what i can do to help...?

BubbaAndBump Thu 03-Sep-09 13:14:14

Sounds like it could be thrush - if it's at all prickly/pin like? Has he got any white, curdish bits in his mouth, a bit like ulcers? He may not have and it may still be thrush. Very easy to treat, but both you and he need to be treated if it is that. If you can get to a doc (and be prepared for doc to have a close look at your nipples blush) then I'd do that... (I'm no doctor, just had it with one of my DDs)

logrrl Thu 03-Sep-09 21:14:15

Hi! I went to my GP with a similar problem this week (burning nipples, tight feeling) -DS is 21 weeks. He said it wasn't thrush, although he also said he doesn't see many BF mums hmm. DS mouth was declared "clean as a whistle" but unlike your LO, he's not been pulling off, but has his hand rammed in his mouth all the time-there are definitely two teeth on the way....

I've used grapefruit seed extract diluted in water dabbed onto nipples after feeds, lansinoh and kamillosan (sp??) as well as taking oral grapefruit seed extract and it's improved dramatically, so maybe it wasn't thrush and just the frequent feeding (is feeding like a demon, up every hour and a half in the night for a 20 minute feed). The mid-wife at my BF support group said I should swab the nipples anyway and get them checked, but I don't know that I will now that they are feeling soooo much better.

I agree that it's probably worth getting checked by the GP??

wellbalanced Thu 03-Sep-09 21:44:54

Thanks for your replies, Ive thought its thrush but DS mouth is 'free' from symptoms, Seen BF counsellor today she thinks its thrush too,

Got GP appointment booked for Mon but now bothered about getting boobs out blush

I know he's teething but my nipples are hurting way too long after a feed.

logrrl Thu 03-Sep-09 21:48:45

your GP might do what mine did and get the practice nurse to have a look grin

morocco Thu 03-Sep-09 21:48:47

ds didn't have visible thrush but I did. well - he'd had it on his bum before though but you couldn't see anything in his mouth. got to treat you both for it to work. what is the pain like between feeds?

wellbalanced Thu 03-Sep-09 21:53:42

Yeah he's had sore bum too, but again i'd put that down to teeth!

Inbetween feeds ie-now i keep getting tingling sensation, and sore to touch. When feeding its like a hard nip/pinching sensation

morocco Thu 03-Sep-09 22:33:48

pain sounds thrush like - is there any harm in treating for thrush anyhow? my gp very reluctantly prescribed, in fact he said something like ' well I can prescribe this if it makes you feel better but it won't make any difference because you can't have thrush in your breast ducts' hmm funnily enough the pain I'd had for weeks suddenly went.

has hv checked out your ds's nappy rash? does that look thrush like?

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