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Clear Blister on end of Nipple

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dizzyme Thu 03-Sep-09 08:34:12

In the past day or so I have developed a clear blister on the end of my nipple, no doubt from poor latch. It seems to have liquid inside.

Should I pop the blister myself or will it eventually go away (or pop itself)?


Tambajam Thu 03-Sep-09 08:40:44

Does it ever seem to fill with milk and go opaque? Is there a lump or hard area in the breast? If either of these things is true and it's possibly blocking a duct I might consider popping it. Follow the instructions on for bleb and do not push into the chest wall but pick at it away from yourself.
However if it doesn't seem to be causing any blockage I would leave it alone.
Have you got any local support for latch? Kellymom also has links to the Jack Newman handout and videos on latching. Seeing someone in real life is best though.

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