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feeling disheartened

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scubamum Wed 01-Jun-05 11:27:52

Was away for the weekend, me diving, DH looking after DD giving her the 2 feeds during the day and me bf her for 1st & last feed. Anyway that was the plan.

On all 3 days she refused to take any milk from the bottle (1st day was EBM the others formula.) On Sunday I was out all day and she was content apart from the last hour and would cry her eyes out if the teat was put in her mouth. I thought if she was that hungry she would take the bottle, but a big NO - she went from 8am until 5pm without a feed.

She has taken a bottle with no problems before now and in the week before going she had refused her 1st bottle then took a bit of persuasion with another and finished that off.

I have other days planned out and don't want to go worrying that she will not feed in the absence of my breasts.

To top this off I had her weighed yesterday and she has fallen into the 2nd quartile of the weight chart (the red section). She already feeds 3-3.5hrs on my breasts per day, the HV says try longer, says to EBM to try with bottle, to start weaning her (which I had planned to do this wk, even though she still sleeps through the night) - feel like I will spend virtually every waking hr feeding or trying to express (I managed about 1/2 teaspoon this morning)

Anyway moan over - thanks for listening/reading

sharklet Wed 01-Jun-05 15:03:59

Hi There Scubamum,

How old is DD? You might find it helps to get her to regularly take a bottle of EBM. My DH used to have a Daddy feed every day with her when hee got home from work. It helped them bond and also it meant she was used to taking a bottle regularly. I used to go for a walk or just have some me time and leave them to it. Then she was used to it without me around.

Don't worry too much but if you get her into the habit regularly then when you di need to go out you can do it without any real worry. I hope it works out for you.

Emma x

Tipex Wed 01-Jun-05 17:50:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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