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alternatives thickeners to Nestargel?

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sazman Wed 02-Sep-09 21:20:59

Hello all,does anyone know of any alterative feed thickeners to Nestargel?? I couldn't believe it today when the pharmacist phoned me to inform me that Nestargel thickener has been discontinued. To cut a long story short, my DS2 now 4 months has had severe reflux from birth resulting in 3 hospital stays in the first 9 weeks of his life. He tried Gaviscon, followed by Domperidone, Ranitidine,Omezerapole and Enfamil AR none of which really worked.His weight gain was extremely slow. About a month ago someone on Mumsnet informed me of a product called Nestargel(an old fashioned remedy by Nestles) so i decided to give it a whirl and it worked wonders! My LO has been so settled and content and gaining weight extremely well so you can imagine how peed off i was when i received the call from the pharmacisttoday! There is a product called Carobel by Cow n Gate which is very similar but when i initially tried him on this it made him extremely windy and very loose stools very often! If i cannot find another product like Nestargel i think he'll have to go back on the Carobel as it WAS better than all the other medications the hospital tried him on in that it DID more or less stop the vomiting. However, if anyone out there knows of a product like Nestargel pleeeeeease let me know! It's ingrediets are carob seed flour and calcium lactate. Thank you!

jasperc163 Thu 03-Sep-09 08:29:02

Hi Sazman
Really sorry to hear that :-( I suppose it isnt that commonly used (compared to Carobel) so maybe just not enough demand. It might be worth seeing if your pharmacist (if friendly) can phone round suppliers and see if anyone can get some of the remaining stock to you (there must be some somewhere on shelves?) as it might just buy you the few months you need?

If not then sorry no suggestion as I am not aware of any other alternatives to Carobel. Given that both of us had problems with it, I find it hard to believe we are the only ones!

Hope you find a solution

jasperc163 Thu 03-Sep-09 08:35:02

or call Nestle themselves and find out if they can advise where remaining stock could be found (its not like its prescription only )

They appear to have this product but it is made from modified maize starch and says not for under 1yr - might be worth having a chat with their nutritionist about it?® +ThickenUp®

sazman Thu 03-Sep-09 22:02:21

Hi Jasper, my pharmacist has been really good and already phoned round loads of suppliers...infact, the last couple of tins she got from down south(we live north west!)Good idea about contacting Nestle direct. I've just managed to get their head office number so will phone them in the morning to see if they know where there may be any remaining stock.Will keep you informed...thanks again for your advice and concern

jasperc163 Fri 04-Sep-09 07:54:51

No worries - I know what its like!!!

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