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Covering all possiblities- BF, FF and EBM

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usernametaken Tue 01-Sep-09 22:03:57

I'm just having some last minute preparation issues here. I am 39weeks pg today with DC2.

DD is now 4.5yrs so I imagine things like FF has been given new advice and guidelines.

The intention was to BF DD...she didn't/wouldn't/couldn't...who knows? Her speech therapist thinks that she could have a link between her phonological delay/weak facial muscles and her inability to BF. Anyway, with DD I ended up exclusively expressing for her. I only managed 4.5mths before supply and demand became mis-matched. An electric pump might have been the answer had I known about them, but a manual Avent was all that I knew. After using up the freezer supply of EBM, we put her onto FF.

I am hoping that DC2 does not have the same issues as DD, so again the intention and aim is to BF. But, if DC2 does have similar problems, then I really cannot imagine pumping 6 or 7 times a day with DD around, maybe a few pumps when she is at school but I don't feel it is fair to have her around whilst I express. I felt pretty crappy last time about expressing as I felt I failed at the BF.

So, what do I do about making up FF. Last time We made the feeds up in the morning and put them in the fridge for the day. I take it that this is now very different. Does one sterilise all the bits and pieces, fill bottles with boiled water and put in the fridge or is there some completely different way?

Is there a new way of storing pumped milk? Last time I pumped and used as needed. Anything extra was frozen in EBM bags, dated and put in the freezer.

Many thanks

MrsBadger Tue 01-Sep-09 22:34:31

first job I think would be to get in touch with a bf counsellor now, before the birth, so a) you know them a bit better if you have to ring them and b) they can help reassure you that a different child is a completely new kettle of bf fish and you have every chnace of success this time smile.
Some good numbers on the righthand side of this page, or pop in to a baby cafe if you have one locally.

If you end up needing to express, I can recommend the Ameda Lactaline double electric pump, which is quick and efficient and was a great help to me. Not cheap but you can buy a new 'collection' set for a secondhand ebay pump.
Storage advice for EBM hasn't changed - handy reference here from Kellymom.
I preferred Axifeed bottles (google for suppliers) to bags as they are resuable (just dishwash), stack nicely in the freezer and never ever leak.

If it comes down to it, a really good leaflet with the most recent guidance for making up formula is here, as a pdf.

StillinMyPJs Sat 05-Sep-09 14:20:29

I just had to say 'well done' for exclusively expressing for so long with a manual pump. You deserve a medal!

As MrsBadger said, you will have a completely different baby and so, hopefully, a more successful experience. If you do need to express I can highly recommend a double electric pump. I switched to one (Ameda Purely Yours) after 4.5 months of expressing exclusively with a single electric pump. I more than halved the time I expressed for and increased the amount of milk collected.

If you need further info on exclusively expressing, google 'exclusively pumping'.

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