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Nestle are at it over here too you know [furious]

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QueenOfFuckingEverything Tue 01-Sep-09 21:14:18

I am visiting family in London atm and went to the local Turkish supermarket today. Was pretty shock to see the baby foods aisle, complete with only Nestle baby foods (the sort that come powdered in a tin, Cerelac iirc) and a whole shelf of Nido powdered milk. Not formula, milk powder. Exactly like this.

They didn't actually have any proper formula on the shelf either btw, just those cereally 'foods' and this milk powder.

I know this sort of thing goes on and I've read the Politics of BF, and am a member of Baby Milk Action. Makes me hopping mad, it does. Have taken a picture and will be emailing Mike Brady, Nestle, and local Trading Standards.


LuluMaman Tue 01-Sep-09 21:18:43

so no formula, but milk powder with teh baby stuff that could well be mistaken as suitable for an infant?

i cannot stand Nestlé.

also member of baby milk action

QueenOfFuckingEverything Tue 01-Sep-09 21:22:17

Yep, that right. No formula at all.

I betcha Nestle have some sort of agreement that they are the only brand the shop stock or something.

weegiemum Tue 01-Sep-09 21:23:14

Have you emailed BabyMilk Action about this.

I'd also complain to trading Standards I think.

angry at Nestle. angry

weegiemum Tue 01-Sep-09 21:23:54

Could you go back in and take a picture with your mobile phone - cos this is the sort of thing that Nestle say doesn't happen!

QueenOfFuckingEverything Tue 01-Sep-09 21:25:44

This is the same product causing controversy.

Oh but it's ok though 'cos they don't market it as a breastmilk substitute hmm

No, they just take advantage of the fact it is not a breastmilk substitute to advertise it!!

QueenOfFuckingEverything Tue 01-Sep-09 21:26:46

I have got a picture and the name/address of the shop. Will be telling anyone who will listen.

LuluMaman Tue 01-Sep-09 21:31:23

if it is with the baby products and foods aimed at under ones, it is subliminally telling parents it is ok for babies

mawbroon Tue 01-Sep-09 22:33:44

I was reading an ASDA pregnancy/baby magazine that I got at my booking in.

There was a big "advertorial" (whatever TF that is!) about allergies and off the top of my head, I remember reading about top ups, breastfeeding being recommended until 6 months (no mention of any longer) and having to eat a good diet when breastfeeding.

Guess who it was sponsored by?



nauseous Tue 01-Sep-09 22:43:09

amazed they're getting away with this. Alsoa member of BMA.

TheCrackFox Tue 01-Sep-09 22:55:28

I guess profits are more important to them than babies wellbeing. What a bunch of cunts.

LovelyTinOfSpam Tue 01-Sep-09 23:09:03

Fuck that is appalling.

AbricotsSecs Tue 01-Sep-09 23:14:09

Message withdrawn

CharCharGabor Tue 01-Sep-09 23:22:38

Bastards. Am a member of bma also

kathryn2804 Wed 02-Sep-09 14:22:21


QueenOfFuckingEverything Wed 02-Sep-09 20:31:33

I have put the picture on my profile if anyone wants to see it.

I went into a different supermarket in the same area (Walthamstow) and it was similar there - they did have formula but also Nido on the baby foods shelf.

AbricotsSecs Wed 02-Sep-09 22:24:31

Message withdrawn

QueenOfFuckingEverything Wed 02-Sep-09 22:25:57

So you can't blush

Hang on....

QueenOfFuckingEverything Wed 02-Sep-09 22:30:26

Now maybe?

trellism Thu 10-Sep-09 20:21:13

Ah, I was trying to find this thread. I found exactly the same type of display in my local (Polish) corner shop. Along with the Nido and Cerelac, there were also tins of Marvel. There was also formula and baby food jars in the same block of shelves.

They do stock the Marvel in another place as well-where you'd expect to find it, with the UHT milk.

Is this a cultural thing? I live in a very mixed area and I wonder if the shop owners put the Nido there because it's where the customers expect to find it?

Haven't even started attempting bf yet (baby still in utero) and I'm becoming militant...

Can upload pic if anyone is still interested in the thread.

hunkermunker Thu 10-Sep-09 20:33:58

I seem to remember that Nestle are testing the water for relaunching formula in the UK...

trellism Thu 10-Sep-09 21:01:24

You do have to admire the logic of saying "it's not a breast milk substitute because we're not marketing it as one."

There's a Ghanaian run shop next to the laundrette, which I will investigate upon my next laundry run.

I don't hold the shop owners responsible for anything btw - it's not for them to dictate what customers do with the products they buy.

dawntigga Thu 10-Sep-09 21:24:26

I found myself explaining to a lovely old lady in Morrisons today why I wasn't buying Nestle. She put her Aero back! I loath this company SO much. Well done QOFE! I'm also a member of the BMA. I wish I could afford the air fare I'd buy a share in Nestle and give them hell at the AGM.


QueenOfFuckingEverything Fri 11-Sep-09 09:19:00

Hunker I've heard that too.

Apparently they are sponsoring study days for HCPs.

foxytocin Fri 11-Sep-09 15:37:29

Milk Powder is marketed all over the developing world because most people don't have fridges to keep whole/semi skimmed milk.

A lot of people who move to the UK from abroad are familiar with Nido as a milk powder and buy it for that reason. Hence why they sell it in the shops over here.

It may be worth finding out if families in the UK are using milk powder as an infant milk substitute - maybe out of ignorance. I dunno.

I am not backing nestle btw. As I bet many babies o/s the UK are fed Nido and other brands of whole milk powders when they really ought to still be on infant formula or breast milk. Nido being cheaper than formula.

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