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Breast Size!

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Confusedfirsttimemum Tue 01-Sep-09 09:12:50

I have a bit of a daft question. My breasts have (as I expected) increased in size a lot whilst breastfeeding. I have gone up about 2/3 cup sizes. This also puts me up from a 12 to a 14 in clothes.

My DD will be 6 months in the autumn and starting on solids. I plan to keep breastfeeding until she's at least one. Can I expect my breasts to decrease in size as the number of feeds per day decreases, or are they likely to stay this way until I stop totally? I need to work out if I need new autumn/winter tops!

dorisbonkers Tue 01-Sep-09 09:38:13

Hi there. I went from a 32DD to a 34F and am still feeding my 10 month old day and night. I am in the same Anita bfeeding bras as when I started out.

Mind you, they are slightly softer but not much smaller. And my periods haven't returned.

I have opted to buy clothes in my shoulder size (14 is just too poufy and baggy for me) and make sure they are stretchy or a bit looser in style.

If you go up to 14 you may find the shoulders don't fit and look wrong.

Maybe nightweaning may make a difference?

Renwein Thu 03-Sep-09 16:23:21

HI, am currently bf DS2 (11 weeks) and, digging out my old feeding bras from DS1 whom I fed for 14 months, I have two sizes - 32J and 32G. Unfortunately, DS1 is now 4 and I can't remember if I went down to the G cup when DS1 started solids (seven months), when I nightweaned (eight months) or when I went back to work and went down to two feeds a day (ten months). I think it was probably when he started solids so I wouldn't spend too much money yet! I wish I could remember as I would like my norks to get less giant sooner, rather than later, this time round.

Confusedfirsttimemum Thu 10-Sep-09 17:05:07

Just realised that, v rudely, I never said thank you for the answers on this. Thank you!

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