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10 mth old and doesn't seem to be drinking that much

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dorisbonkers Tue 01-Sep-09 08:43:40

My daughter is 10 months and breastfeeds frequently - day and night. That said, I don't think she's been drinking all that much as her nappies are often quite dry. The ones that worry me are the ones she's been in at night. Usually they are heavy thudders, but for the last few days have been dry-ish. I can see she's weed, but don't know if they've evaporated in the heat or whether she's dehydrated. Thing is, she doesn't seem dehydrated.

She's teething and has a cold so I suppose this could put her off her food, but we're BLW and she's still eating. I give her water in a Doidy regularly but you know how it is with giving babies water, it can be tricky.

I've tried to give her formula in a sippy cup to see that if she is thirsty. But she doesn't take it.

I've always had issues with my daughter's weight and breastfeeding. She was born early and small and has stuck to just below the 9th centile and at 10 months if a little over 7.5 kg. So I feel I don't have an awful lot of wiggle room.

I'll still keep offering her boob (which she resists sometimes in the day, but I can bf up to 6 times at night) and offering her water, but should I be worried and contact a HCP?

dorisbonkers Tue 01-Sep-09 08:45:58

I should add the night bfs are really only for comfort. She does do a little amount of pause suck

I still worry about my latch at 10 months! But I've tried altering but find it's impossible with a strong wriggly baby so I let her self-latch.

dorisbonkers Tue 01-Sep-09 10:06:49


Beccatheboo Tue 01-Sep-09 21:15:44

No answer from me, I'm afraid, just wanted to empathise. My 7-mth-old is like this at the mo. It doesn't feel like he's having much milk at all, often rejecting the boob (bit me today). It worries me because he's a bit of a tiddler (around 9th centile). To try keeping him hydrated I offer water (and very watered down pure juice) but he spits most of it out. Like your DD I think he's teething and is stuffy-nosed. Not sure what a HCP can tell you really. I remember a HV telling me, when I was worried about my first son, that they get a lot of liquid out of food...

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