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TomThumbMum Mon 31-Aug-09 22:02:16

I have to leave my ds for two nights, he will be 25 wks old and will stay with dh. I am expressing so that dh has plenty of milk to offer whenever ds needs it. I am not managing to express more than 2-3 oz in a session, even if I replace a feed with formula and try to express that feed, I get 3 oz max. This is not a problem as I have been building up a stock for sometime now but I am worried that this milk will not contain any hindmilk, not sure how this works - am just worried that all I'm expressing is the watery foremilk and ds will end up with two days worth of feeds of low cal milk!
Could anyone advise if this expressed milk would be ok to feed ds for two days worth of feeds? Ds does take a formula top up so can carry on with this but wanted dh to be able to feed on demand when i'm gone and don't want this to be fully formula for the two days. Many thanks.

nannynz Mon 31-Aug-09 22:54:30

I looked after a four month old baby while the mother went away for four days. Mother had being expressing milk before hand but not enough to get feed exclusively EBM. Don't worry at all about the foremilk and hindmilk - the two "milks" don't have that much difference overall.

With the baby I looked after we decided I would give the EBM for five of the six feeds he usually have and then formula for the sixth. I think at the end of the four days we had to do two formula feeds in a row before the Mum came back.

Maybe work out the average feeds he may have in the two days versus the amount of EBM you have and then perhaps alternate say two EBM then a forumula feed.

hackedoffandcross Mon 31-Aug-09 23:01:43

In the early days the milk looks much creamier and more yellowy, it will be 'mature milk' now and it looks quite pale/thin/white and watery - quite normalgrin By all means have a plan B in case DH runs out but it sounds absolutely fine - handy link from kellymom here

TomThumbMum Tue 01-Sep-09 06:49:47

thats great, much appreciated.

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