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Can't find time to express but really want to start

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LittleDoe Mon 31-Aug-09 21:01:41

My DS is almost 5 weeks old and has been exclusively breast fed to date (apart from some small formula top-ups in the first week when we were still in hospital). I haven't started expressing yet but I really want to as I have heard it's better to introduce a bottle sooner rather than later and I would like an evening out at some point in the next 6 months! (The early formula top ups were from a syringe not a bottle).

Problem is time. DS feeds a lot during the day which is fine now I've got used to it. I feed on demand. But I just can't see how I can fit in expressing as well and still get out the house! I know people say to express in the morning but by the time I've given DS his first feed, then jumped in the shower myself and had my own breakfast, it's time to feed him again.... and so the day goes on.

Any advice? Sounds daft but I don't want to be left behind my other new mummy friends when they've all mastered expressing and are getting out for the night etc....I'm clearly a jealous sort!

Thanks in advance.

hackedoffandcross Mon 31-Aug-09 21:56:46

My DS is 8mo now and I have a toddler too, I expressed regularly when he was this age but stopped and now want to restart and feel I haven't got the time either! I used to express straight after a feed, if you have everything ready you can put him on the floor/playmat for a bit after his feed, or if he naps after the feed do it then - you will still find time to shower honestly.

The thought of it is worse than the doing it. You will only be expressing for 10 mins or so initally and might not get much straight away as your supply will need to build up - may be a good idea to get the freezer bags for the milk - you get get a few bits a few times a day and freeze a days/2 days efforts altogether in one bag. Breast shells are handy if you leak from the spare boob while feeding as you can collect this milk and add it to the expressed.

My DS is now awake practically all day and very mobile now so I keep putting it offgrin It'll be worth it when you can have a bit of time on your own <<forgotten what that is like>>

vanimal Tue 01-Sep-09 23:37:27

I am doing it now - both DDs are asleep and Sex and the City on the telly. Makes the process far less of a chore with something on telly to distract you!

mawbroon Wed 02-Sep-09 11:11:50

If you are able to juggle baby and pump, then have a go at expressing one side whilst the baby is on the other!

morocco Fri 04-Sep-09 00:00:37

agree with mawbroon

tbh am always amazed any new mum has the energy to go out in the evening! why bother? (sad middle aged person alert smile)

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