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going away for night - will bf fed baby be ok on formula for 24hrs or will it upset his tummy?

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mummyneedsalatte Mon 31-Aug-09 19:42:03

I am due to go away for the night soon and am leaving my bf fed with husband. I have left it too late to express enough milk for 6 feeds (I can only ever get a couple of ounces out at a time) If he goes from being mostly bf to formula for 24 hrs will it upset his tummy? He already has one bottle of formulas at night so I know he will take it! Any advise aappreciated.

hercules1 Mon 31-Aug-09 19:43:06

How old is he?

nannynz Mon 31-Aug-09 22:48:09

He should be fine if he is having formula already.

One of my Mum's did this - baby was six weeks - Mum went away for just over 48 hours - I think there was two feeds of EBM and then the rest of feeds were formula. No problems for that baby.

The Mum took the expresser and expressed at the same time as she would with the baby - then she threw the milk out.

I had another mother do this when her baby was five months and she was away for four days. The Mum expressed and bought the milk back, this was in America and we did think she may have problems with the EBM but she was, thankfully given the all clear. Baby was fed a mix of EBM and formula while she was away and again - no problems.

mummyneedsalatte Tue 01-Sep-09 08:55:35

he will be 11 weeks when i go away

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