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B/f twins - any experiences/tips please

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TracyK Tue 31-May-05 08:37:14

My friend is pg with twins and we were talking yesterday about how she's going to feed them. I didn't have any experiences - but I know here is the place to find out!

bobbybob Tue 31-May-05 09:04:08

I have 3 friends with twins and they all breastfed them to at least 4 months (lot longer in one case), so it is possible. What sort of things did she want to know?

TracyK Tue 31-May-05 09:05:37

I spose - things like - do they get fed at the same time or one a time? how easy is it to feed them out and about? is it easier/harder than feeding just one?

TracyK Tue 31-May-05 09:08:08

also - any web sites dedicated to twins type issues?

MarsLady Tue 31-May-05 09:14:27

you can CAT me and then she can have my details if she'd like someone to talk to. My DTs are 15months and I still bf them.

A web link is I have to say though, the best parenting advice I've found is here on mumsnet. There is a multiples board where there are quite a few of us twin mums with ranging experience. hth

Kelly1978 Tue 31-May-05 09:49:19

I've got 2 month old twins and I found actually bfing them hard going, especially in the first few weeks. When there are two babies who want to be demand fed around the clock to can be prety tiring. I have two older kids too, and I found I couldn't spend the time they needed feeding them. So I usually express it and give it to them in bottles.
They can feed either together or seperately. It is best to feed together to reduce the amount of time feeding. I've gotten quite pratised at it now and can feed them both easily without cushions, but it is impossible to do discreetly, so in public I have to feed one at a time. Plus, if one is hungrier than the other it can be quite hard to sychronise them. I found this impossible at night, they wake to their own schedules. obviously, you can't feed two at the same time laying down neither, which I found hard, as I couldn't sleep during the night feeds.
If anyone is going to feed twins, the best thing is to be prepared to spend a lot of time feeding in the early days and get lots of support to make sure all the other jobs are taken care of.
I'm happy to be CAT for chats too.

TracyK Tue 31-May-05 16:35:54

Thanks girls - friend is only 10wks pg so I shall pass this link onto her for when she has got her head around it more.

MarsLady Tue 31-May-05 16:37:05

get her to sign up to mumsnet. It's great (as you know). Glad to help. I asked all the twin mums I knew what to expect (and I only knew a couple), now I seem to know millions!

titchy Wed 01-Jun-05 09:54:35

If you don't mind me asking how come she knows she's expecting twins if she's only 10 weeks?

MarsLady Wed 01-Jun-05 10:26:59

if she's had a dating scan titchy then she would know. I had my scan at 11 weeks and that's when I knew.

Eulalia Wed 01-Jun-05 13:26:54

This should be of some help - I have just learned I am pregnant with twins. What do I need to know to breastfeed under these circumstances?

Xena Wed 01-Jun-05 16:58:35

My MIL breasfeed only Dh's twin not him How could you do that? She said his twin was easier to feed them him. His twin did Alevels and went to Uni (which he didn't do) however I think his life is much richer with the DC's and how much more than her he earns

TracyK Wed 01-Jun-05 20:13:54

They saw 2 heartbeats at the scan and they have twins in their family.

morningpaper Wed 01-Jun-05 20:19:34

The Association of Breastfeeding Mothers has a leaflet about feeding twins (it might take a minute to load, it's quite big).

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