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Considering night weaning 14 mo DS - advice and opinions needed

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hairymelons Thu 27-Aug-09 19:47:00

Miracle of miracles, DS is neither ill nor teething at the minute. I'm also spending the week at my mum's next week so I feel like I should grab the opportunity to, ahem, help refine his sleep skills.
So, he has slept through probably less than 5 times. When all is well, like at the minute, he only wakes once or twice in the night. He's also gone from co-sleeping, to part co-sleeping to preferring to sleep in his cot all at his own pace.
The problem nowadays is that when DH goes to settle him, it takes minutes. Once I've gone in, however, he wants to feed for up to an hour which is hard when I'm up for work at 6am.
His sleep isn't disastrously bad, apart from the 80% of the time when he's poorly or teething grin, so my question is this- am i being really selfish to want to deprive him of that 1am feed? And how do I do the night weaning when I am a total wimp and cannot bear to hear him cry?
Sorry it's a bit of a ramble, thanks in advance

maygirl Thu 27-Aug-09 22:39:02

You're not being selfish, but fellow wimp here, so not much help!

He might be more likely to wake at your mums though, I've always reverted back to part time co-sleeping at relatives' houses if DS wakes at night to keep things quiet... 'ooo we didn't hear a peep out of DS last night, he slept really well!' To avoid any 'isn't he sleeping through yet? YOU/DH were before we left the hospital you know!'

Same as you with my ds with sleeping, and sleeping through all night did come too at his own pace, eventually...

It sounds like if he settles for DH quickly, night weaning shouldn't take too long if DH consistantly attends to him at night for a while, once you're back home.

Good luck

hairymelons Thu 27-Aug-09 23:04:11

Thanks Maygirl. We usually do the same when visiting, people think he sleeps beautifully!

Problem with DH seeing to DS is he works really long hours so I feel bad when he does too many night shifts.

Other problem is DS is a very enthusiastic feeder and a bit sensitive too. I suppose I'm worried he'll take it personally if I deny him the boob. But maybe that makes me a mental person.

hairymelons Fri 28-Aug-09 21:43:35

I suppose what I'm after is for someone to tell me that the hwever many nights DS spends crying in my arms because I won't le him nurse will do no lasting damage and improve his sleep!
Go on, even if it's a lie, make me feel better about what I'm about to do...

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