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daktarin for 7 week old is it safe and...

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lydiathetattooedlady Thu 27-Aug-09 17:59:22

do i need to use anything for my boobs? gp rushed me in and out so quickly i was told to put it on 3 times a day but didnt say wether i should put it on before/during/after feeds. he also didnt say whether i needed treatment to stop us passing it back and forth! Any advice greatfully received!

Scorps Thu 27-Aug-09 18:02:56

Daktarin is safe yes, in baby's mouth. You can put it on your nipples too.

Hot wash your bras, change breast pads very often. Thrush is horrid sad

Hamstress26 Fri 28-Aug-09 09:20:45

You should be using DaKtarin also known as Miconazole 2% cream. Use this on your nipples frequently during the day. Use after a feed and rub in to nipple and aerola. Use Daktarin gel on the inside of little ones mouth after feeding. You need to rub a tiny amount into the inside of cheeks the tongue and the roof of the mouth. I use the cream on my breasts after most feeds. The important thing is to make sure you treat both yourself and the baby for a week after your symptoms have resolved. Other things to do include taking ACIDOPHILUS capsules or drinking probiotic yogurt drinks. Good luck!

lydiathetattooedlady Fri 28-Aug-09 10:56:56

hi thnaks for responses, do i need a prescription for the cream for myself?? ive been using the gel on ds since last night but my nipples are now so sore im dreading feeding time and was contmeplating giving up and giving him a bottle it hurts so much. i cant believe my gp only gave gel for him and nothing for me surely he should have know we'd both need treating!

nellie12 Fri 28-Aug-09 11:00:53

yes you can use it on yourself too. ring your hv also they can prescribe for this too.

kitkatqueen Sat 29-Aug-09 00:36:55

Stop!!!!! Ok go onto the bfn website and down load the Thrush breastfeeding leaflet. Print it.

It lists for your gp exactly what you need in black and white.

The fact that your boobs hurt suggests that the thrush is on your boobs too, but not necessarily within them yet.

Health visitors can prescribe Daktarin 2% BUT not for breastfeeding mums to use on their boobs. They also cannot prescribe fluconazole and you may need that too you need to see a gp. Gps often balk at the dosage required so you need that leaflet printed off and be ready to wave it lots and stamp your feet. On a recent thread a m/netter was told by her gp that he wanted her to stop b/feeding whilst taking the meds or he wouldn't give them to her, she nodded smiled and carried on as usual, less medication gets through in your breastmilk than is given to prem babies.

Take paracetamol. You can get through this, once you start being treated properly you will respond really quickly - if you take high dose acidophilus bifidus it can reduce the pain by about 75% in 24 hrs ( thats with the 6 billion capsules).

There is difficulty in getting treated properly because of a law change regarding what gps can prescribe ( and hvs) and lactating mums.

I went undiagnosed with Thrush in my boobs for nearly 6 months. I know what you are going through, just hang in there and get to the out of hours gp 1st thing tomorrow morning - if it effects your feeding of your daughter it is an emergency. Good Luck!

kitkatqueen Sat 29-Aug-09 00:37:47

ps daktarin oral gel won't penetrate the nipple you need the cream for your boobs.

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