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Bad bottle feeding advice.

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TeenyTinyToria Wed 26-Aug-09 20:05:42

I was looking at some bottles in a shop the other day, and the advice on the packaging said that they should not be filled with water over 40-50 degrees.

As bottles are supposed to be made up at a minimum temperature of 70, isn't it a bit irresponsible for the manufacturers to make bottles that can't take hot water?

moaningminniewhingesagain Wed 26-Aug-09 20:10:29

mmm that does sound crap. Do you remember which brand they were? Maybe they aren't BPA free and it's related to that?

TeenyTinyToria Wed 26-Aug-09 20:44:55

They were BPA free, strangely enough. They were sold in Ethel Austin, but I don't know if they were own brand or not, the packaging said "Little Wonders".

TeenyTinyToria Wed 26-Aug-09 20:46:28

These ones -

TeenyTinyToria Wed 26-Aug-09 20:48:15


MrsBadger Wed 26-Aug-09 20:49:06

maybe they want you to make up the milk in (eg) a pyrex jug and decant it

thisisyesterday Wed 26-Aug-09 20:55:27

yes, it is pretty irresponsible if you ask me

TeenyTinyToria Wed 26-Aug-09 21:00:29

God that would be a hassle, Mrs Badger! grin

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