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How much milk for a breast feeding one year old??

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LottieG Mon 30-May-05 14:06:52

Hi everyone, I hope someone can help, as I'm feeling totally confused!

My one year old dd would happily still breastfeed all day long, but I would really like to cut down to 2 feeds per day (before nap and before bed). She will drink cows milk from a cup when it is offered with no problems but does not take very much in one go, maybe 10 ml or so. I have NO IDEA how much milk to give her, as she has always been demand-fed.

How many milk drinks does she need a day? Would 2 times breast and 2 times cows milk be ok? And how much cows milk should she have at one time (ml)?

I do love bf but am starting to get a bit jaded with doing it constantly. Any advice hugely appreciated!

mears Mon 30-May-05 14:13:39

There is no need to give a set amount of cow's milk IMO. Although the recommendation is a pint of milk for a 1 year old, only one of my children liked it as a drink. They got plenty of milk in cereal, cheese, yogurts, puddings. Mine drank dilute juice as they didn't like water either. Myu eldest is 18 yrs old now and has no fillings!

Do not worry about replacing the breast with milk drinks, it is not necessary.

elsmommy Mon 30-May-05 14:15:21

When I was feeding my dd I just gave her cows milk on a night, she didn't really like it though so she didn't have much.
Now I've stopped she only has about half a pint a day. I don't insist on giving her a set amount just give it her when she wants.
So I think 2 breast and 2 cows would be fine!!

LottieG Mon 30-May-05 14:18:17

Thanks so much Mears!
You've helped put my mind at rest.

LottieG Mon 30-May-05 14:19:30

Thanks Elsmommy!
I was obviously worrying about it too much!

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