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Advice needed on very hungry 5month old.

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Prettybetty Sun 23-Aug-09 23:37:13

Hi everyone,

I hope someone can give me some guidance on my breastfeeding routine.

I have been breasfeeding excl. for 5 months. Up until he was 4 month I would on each feed give him only one breast. I noticed that he was very restless especially on the last feed before bed so i decided to offer him both. Still nada. It would take him forever to settle I have now introduced a bit of formula -average 5 oz- plus both breast and he seems to be satisfied .

His pattern feeding at the moment is as follows:

9pm- milk from2 breasts milk plus 5 oz formula
2am-milk from 2 breasts
6.30am- milk from 2 breast
9.30am milk from 2 breast- then 1 hour nap
12.30pm- milk from 2 breast- then 1 hour nap
3.30pm- milk from 2 breast- then 1 to 2 hour nap
6.30pm- milk from 2 breast

Does this pattern seem like a good one?

He is a smily baby but I think he doesn't really relax. He seems restless most of the day which leads me to think that he is hungry.

He sleeps well- I cuddle him to sleep but it takes me forever each time to making him go to sleep.

Perhaps he doesn't sleep enough?

I hope someone can shed some light as if I need to perhaps offer him the breast more often or start with solids>. I am pretty lost at the moment.

Thanks ever so much.

Mummy369 Mon 24-Aug-09 00:35:02

Hi, although your little one doesn't sleep loads it sounds like you have a great routine. You may be right, though, that his restlessness could be due to wanting the breast more frequently. At around 4 mths old all babies need to increase their milk intake. Breastfeeding babies usually do this by feeding more frequently at the breast - this, in turn, boosts your milk supply so that baby gets more milk at each feed. This phase is really important for your baby as he will become more active over the next few weeks - rolling over, sitting up, learning to crawl, grabbing toys ..etc. Increasing your baby's milk intake will provide him with the extra 'fuel' he needs for energy and growth.

You are already giving both breasts at each feed. One of the things you could try is offering each breast again at his late evening feed as this already seems to be a time when he is still hungry after the initial breastfeeds. Don't forget - the more you feed, the more milk you produce - and after a few evenings you should begin to notice a difference in milk supply at that time of day. You have also suggested offering the breast more often which I think would be a good idea. Keep to your regular routine, but in addition when he is due a nap rather than cuddling him to sleep offer a breastfeed - both breasts, if he stays awake long enough!

You should ensure that at every breastfeed he has a complete feed (i.e. 15-20 mins minimum) on the first breast and comes of himself, then proceed to the second breast, again for at least 15-20 mins (or for as long as he wants to feed). Please post again with any questions or if I haven't explained anything clearly. Good luck smile

Prettybetty Mon 24-Aug-09 17:38:32

Thanks ever so much for taking the time to give your advice.

An interesting point you have made is that he has to have a complete feed which my intuition tells me he never has.

He seems to be a very fast feeder. At times he stops very quickly and then if I offer the same breast again he takes it with gusto. I always keep offering until he shows no interest whatsoever.

I will make an appointment with health visitor and see what she says.

Once again thanks!

AngryWasp Mon 24-Aug-09 17:42:20

Hungry babies need feeding more innit?


Try offering more frequently, and as above, offer 3 or 4 breasts with each feed. He doesn't have to have them, but you can at least offer no?

The thing about the formula is that it is unnecessary and stopping your body from getting the right message at a key time. You could probably get away with it if it is really helping but it might be causing a bit of the problem.


Mummy369 Sat 29-Aug-09 22:32:00

Hi Prettybetty, just wondering how you're getting on? smile

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