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BF - how do I get rid of formula top up?

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mcflumpy Sun 23-Aug-09 22:38:49

Hi, can anyone advise how I can get rid of a formula top up? I introduced it during a growth spurt as my nipples were shot and I was a wreck. Since then I've not been able to fully get rid of it. I have on a number of days, but I seem to lapse back into it as my nipples end up sore I've had my latch checked a number of times and always deemed to be OK. My DD is 10 weeks old and is usually quite fussy on the breast of late and I suspect it might be as she has a top up and it may be affecting my supply. Also I can't feel my let down so I've no idea if this is the reason she fusses?

Any thoughts?


AngryWasp Sun 23-Aug-09 22:49:49

Hi Mcflumpy It won't be very hard to do, but you should really get real life advice from a breastfeeding councellor. Do you need the numbers?

Who is it who has checked your latch. It sounds like you might still be having problems?

You are quite right about it being a bit chicken and egg too.

My advice to you would to be get your latch checked first, ring a helpline, google 'breast compressions', and then simply ditch the formula (if it only one) over a couple of days where it is okay for you to stay in bed naked and have warm baths together.

whingingDailyHateMail Sun 23-Aug-09 23:34:28

I had to add top ups as DS lost 17 % of body weight over first 3 weeks. I gave him top ups of 2-3oz 4 x daily, of formula then switched to breast milk/EBM, and got him back off them at 8 weekssmile

What I did - pumped after feeds, this stimulated my supply and meant I had breast milk to give as the top up. Feed as frequently as possible, use lansinoh for nips if needed. I dropped one top up every 3 days or so until I was just giving one late at night. I was v twitchy about dropping this one, but after a couple of days I noticed he didn't take it, as he had had enough milk at the breast.

He's 8 months now and BF going really well stillgrin
Plus get latch checked as above, have you got a baby cafe or anything near you?

herbaceous Mon 24-Aug-09 11:50:24

Mmm... interesting! I've been topping up with formula too, and DS is now seven weeks. Sometimes two boobs is enough for him, but sometimes four, or even six, leaves him hungry, and my nipples in shreds, so I give him a bottle too. I'd like to cut them down, but he just seems to be so hungry, and even bfeeding continually for a couple of hours doesn't seem to up the supply.

mcflumpy Mon 24-Aug-09 20:15:48

Thanks ladies. Had hv check my latch and again at local groups where hv is present. Do you think dedictaed bf counsellor would be better? There is a local bf group I will go along to next week. I'll also try the advice above and see how we go. i felt so guilty giving top ups initially. Similarly my LO had low birth weight and lost over 10% in hospital so we were 'made' to add formula in hospital in order to be discharged. I don't really think its doing any harm but I'd soooo like to exclusively breast feed and I really don't want my supply to drop so that I end up giving up. My baby is also a very hungry baby and still feeds for up to an hour with about 3 hours from start of feed to start of next feed.

AngryWasp Mon 24-Aug-09 20:57:17

Do you switch sides often during each feed? That will help build supply as will unlimited evenings in front of the tv.

I do think you need your latch looked at by someone better trained than the average HV. Are there any groups where a LLL or NCT or ABM breastfeeding councellor attend? Or even a group with peer supporters?

mcflumpy Mon 24-Aug-09 21:06:14

There is a local LLL I'll contact them and see if they could asssist. Normally try to feed from one breat then once milk not flowing much switch to the other. So i guess the answer is not often...

AngryWasp Mon 24-Aug-09 21:19:48

No, that is okay, but instead of looking for milk, look for baby's behaviour. When he slows change sides, and then when he slows on the second side go back to the first and continue until either baby is alseep or fed up.

I think LLL will be a better bet than your HV tbh.

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