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reflux- gaviscon advice-breastfeeding-support me plz

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mama2leah Sun 23-Aug-09 22:03:23

this is a very me post, my dd is 12 months old, i wanted to tandem feed with my newborn ( 14 days old) but she self weaned when i went into labour, now my dd2 has really bad reflux, we are on gaviscon, i dont think that crap works...what exactly is it suppose to do?
everywhere i read says formula is the answer- i dont want to give her formula at all.

i feel like a failure

Davidsmom Sun 23-Aug-09 23:25:00


Sorry, just a v quickie as cant stop!
Both my DC had reflux, my DS was dreadful and Gaviscon useless for mine. Get a paediatricians opinion if you havent already. I found this site good for talking to others with refluxey children. there wasw always someone with worse problems than me- sounds awful but puts things in perspective. reflux is a dreadful condition and its so hard seeing the little ones in pain. You have my smpathy for what its worth.

Milk protein allergy can also present with reflux symptoms- can be worth looking into but didnt work for either DC and was vvvv strict with diet.

Formula often makes reflux worse so dont feel pressured into stopping BF'g. Lots of chat sites where Mums regretted doing it. But depends on individual circumstances of course.

Will stop by thread tomorrow night.

It will get better...honest.

AbricotsSecs Sun 23-Aug-09 23:38:37

Message withdrawn

Verity79 Mon 24-Aug-09 10:51:43

DD1 had really bad reflux with very slow weight gain (7lb 12oz at birth and 10lb at 13 weeks). We tried Gaviscon but all it did was constipate her to the point of her pooing concrete!

I did a bit of research on the net and spoke to my SIL who's DS had reflux as well and she recommended Domperidone (also known as Motilim). It worked wonders as it speeds the transit of the milk through the gut so it isn't in the stomach as long so less chance of vomiting it up (it also has an anti-nausea effect). She eventually got to the point where we could let her grow out of the dose and then just stopped giving it altogether at around 8 months - domperidone is given according to weight of baby so increases as baby gains.

I never did the no dairy diet but I don't think it was a milk allergy as DD1 had formula for the first 8 weeks before weaning her off the bottle and back to breast feeding. Admitedly it was better and less painful for her once we were EBF but I think that was down to me following her cues more rather than being concerned about finishing bottles and thus over feeding her.

I'm assuming you have been given the usual advice of winding mid feed and between swapping sides, feeding on demand (to avoid baby gulping air whilst crying or feeding), keeping baby in a semi-upright position after feeds, having a million and one muslins and changes of clothes, having a terry nappy or towel under baby's head in cot/pram to avoid having to change sheets in the middle of the night/whilst out, perhaps thinking about using a dummy (increases saliva output which can soothe sore throats, baby wearing in a sling so baby is upright as much as possible......

You have my every sympathy for dealing with this and having a toddler as well. I was lucky in the sense my reflux baby was my first so I could just concentrate on her and the neverending stream of vomit grin.

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