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PLs help me stop DS's multiple night BFs before I go back to work in 3 wks!!

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rollercoaster1 Sat 22-Aug-09 20:27:50

hi - I have a ds 11 MO and BF. Have cut out daytime feeds since he started eating solids properly around 10mths old. Nights are a problem though as I am still feeding 4-5 times between 7pm and 7am. I dont think its hunger as my hubbie has successfully settled him one night this week several times when I was absolutely exhausted and he insisted I sleep in another room with earplugs in! I have tried the putting him back in cot asleep awake after feeds and patting to sleep and this does work but after about 40 mins - Im finding it hard to see the point when a BF will get him to sleep in 10 mins.Just really need to cut down these comfort feeds as I return to work in 3 weeks and cant function with broken sleep - can anyone help??

juanitad Sat 22-Aug-09 21:00:40

Sorry, no advice here, but am in a similar situation - back to work in 2 weeks, still bfing at night, feeding DS when he wakes seems the quickest way of getting him and me back to sleep. So am just posting to show a bit of solidarity! I always hoped that by the time my mat leave was over he would have figured out the sleeping thing on his own but no such luck. I did a similar thread on this a while ago in the sleep section, and got some good advice, although i keep putting off actually putting it into practice!! Have a look through the sleep threads and you'll probably find it.

rollercoaster1 Sun 23-Aug-09 06:57:58

hi there, sounds like we are in the same boat! DS woke every 2 hrs last night - started the night in the cot but ended it in with me in bed. Not sure if I get better sleep when we co-sleep or when I put him in the cot! Either way, Im sure he isnt that hungry! Once or twice in the night I could understand but not every 2 hrs!! Will look for that other thread u mentioned. Good luck with return to work

EverybodyNeedsABosomForAPillow Sun 23-Aug-09 23:14:50

Hi, I am also in the same boat...back at work 2 weeks tomorrow and dd wakes 3 times on a good night...every hour or two sometimes (when teething I think). She starts off in the cot then I bring her into bed, usually on her second waking. I have been fine doing this through maternity leave but am wondering if I will function properly at work! I have read "No Cry Sleep Solution" and tried a couple of things but have not found my solution yet. Will be watching this thread!

AngryWasp Sun 23-Aug-09 23:24:35

You might need to expand. How long are these 4-5 feeds? Assuming they are an hour long each, between 7pm and 7am that gives you between 7-8 hours sleep. How much do you need?

pluto Sun 23-Aug-09 23:24:46

We all know it's not for everyone - but controlled crying worked for us. DS was in a habit of waking at specific times in the night so at 6 months we decided to take the HV's advice and try it out. I had been BFing to sleep when he woke in the night. When DS cried DH went in and settled him / did the CC stuff. Within 3 days he was sleeping through. A big relief and not at all stressful - as long as you are prepared to let your baby cry for a pre set period of time (we went to him every minute so he had very frequent reassurances).

rollercoaster1 Mon 24-Aug-09 08:04:47

hi pluto, have always avoided the cc stuff until now. What did it involve exactly? When the baby cried you went frequently into the room to reassure - when in there do you pat, rock etc or not lift out of cot? I spoke to a friend yesterday who had a similar result after 2 nights and her baby has slept through from 9 months - hes now 2.5yrs. Currently trying the no cry no sleep methods of putting back in cot awake, patting and shssing to sleep. It does get him back to sleep without crying but it can take 40mins to 1.5 hrs each time. 4 or 5 times a night - angry wasp - you do the math. Thanks for your unhelpful input on thread. Girls returning to work - good luck to you all. Hope you get enough sleep to function! x

AngryWasp Mon 24-Aug-09 12:23:16

still don't geddit sorry. It appears to be your method that is preventing you from getting sleep. You'd get a lot more if you just bf. THAT doesn't involve 40mins - 1.5 hours each time surely? Then you'd get your 7-8 hours sleep wouldn't you?

I'm sorry you think my posts are unhelpful. I'm trying to show you that it is possible to get enough sleep, which seems to be your concern.

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