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Please help me with a plan!

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Fufulina Sat 22-Aug-09 19:09:30

Hi all - my 8 month old DD is EBF. She has taken a few bottles of EBM since she's been born, and a couple of bottles of formula but has now decided not to take bottles at all. She is BLW and seems to be getting quite a lot of food down her neck - but we're also on 4 feeds a day (7, 11, 2.30 and bed at about 6), plus she has a feed about 11.30pm ish.

I have a wedding to go to at the end of September - I'll feed her in the morning (7), and then won't get back until about 11pm, so Mum will be looking after her, and putting her to bed.

I need a plan to wean her onto a cup before then so that she can take some milk in the day and some before bed. Although I've always put her to bed, she goes down fine for naps with DH and mum - but has always (every single night since she's been born) been put down by me. I think I'm looking for suggestions for the cup weaning. I've been offering her EBM in the cup at her meals and snacks and she takes a tiny bit - but nowhere near a feed, and tonight, DH did her bath and bed routine, and when it came to the cup with EBM, she was having none of it. After that he tried to settle her, but after 10 minutes, I went in as I didn't want to force the issue, and fed her. She went down fine.

So please help me sort a plan so I can leave my DD for a day/evening without hating the wedding because I'm worried about how she is and that I know she will have had milk in the day.

BTW - am not really prepared not to go to the wedding "Oh sorry - I can't come I have a 9 month old..." - as I think that is just ridiculous (of me!).

Please help!

dingdong05 Sun 23-Aug-09 00:17:56

could you try feeding her in the same dressing gown or something for a while so it smells of you and feed time? wear it and give her a cozy when you offer the cup to her. Then your dh can wear that so she feels more familiar? Soz not much help on a plan but i know the dressing gown and cozy combo works for some bottle fed babies
good luck and have fun!

Fufulina Sun 23-Aug-09 18:16:31

Thanks dingdong05. My dressing gown is a treat! I spend an unfeasibe amount of time in it grin

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