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Diagnosed with thrush - help!

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littleduck Sat 22-Aug-09 13:35:59

Earlier this week my right nipple became sore whilst feeding 16 week old DD - thought initially it might be just a small thing which would pass with application of lansinoh as this happened once or twice in the early days. Unfortunately lansinoh did not help and pain got worse - very painful during feeds and pain afterwards not just on the nipple but kind of within the breast too which went on for ages (ie hours not minutes) after feeds. I have been so lucky and had no pain during feeds or afterwards up till now apart from very minor stuff as mentioned above which went more or less straight away.

Went to GP who had a look and said nipple looking very red and sore and symptoms classic signs of thrush. Prescribed amoxycillin (also have sinusitis apparently - symptoms were a 4 day headache which got worse when bending down, sneezing etc) to treat both problems and some daktarin cream for the nipple. Only have a problem on right side at present altho last night left nipple started to feel a wee bit sore so slapped daktarin on and it seems better today. Right nipple still sore and whole breast feels painful.

GP checked DD's mouth and no signs of thrush ie white patches or tongue and no nappy rash at all, her bottom is - well - as smooth as a baby's bottom! She isn't pulling off during feeds and isn't unsettled or windy (well no more than usual although she has been doing particularly smelly farts for the past few days). I have been given nystatin oral suspension, which DD hates and spits out, to give to her after feeds 4 times daily. I have just put dropper in and squeezed but this way she just swallows or spits it out, shouldn't I be actually apply it to her cheeks and tongue with a swab or something? No instructions given as to what to do!

Just wanted to know if my symptoms do sound like thrush and how long I can expect this torture to continue if it is. I feel very worried as have heard stories of breast thrush turning into long term problems for both mum and baby and I can't bear the thought of poor little DD suffering as she is such a happy soul generally. Thought of ongoing pain for me not too cheering either.

DD has been exclusively breastfed since she was born and won't take a bottle so I can't even express and give her milk that way so my nipples can have a rest.

Any help or encouragement much appreciated

ThePinkOne Sat 22-Aug-09 14:28:33

Sorry I haven't got time to find it atm but if you google the Breastfeeding Newtwork have a leaflet about breast thrush that you can download.

glaskham Sat 22-Aug-09 14:28:57

Hi, sorry you're suffering... do you remember those early days when you had a bit of pain and cracked nipples as they toughened up? IME its a little like that, if you work through it you'll have forgotten about it a week after its all gone.

I had it with DS (about 4 years ago now) and i still remember the pain at each feed... i used to curl my toes up and scrunch my face and count to 10... by then it'd become bearable for the duration of the feed. I passed it between my Ds and myself for around 3 weeks in total, but once it had all cleared never had it again with him, nor have i had it with my 2 DD's since then.

I sympathise with you on this as it was very painful, but if you want to continue to BF after you've cleared up, the only way you can do that is by feeding throguh it and make sure you're applying the cream as often as needed- if not more!!

Fingers crossed it clears up for you soon!!

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