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How to reduce number of breastfeeds (introducing mix feeding)

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jasperc163 Fri 21-Aug-09 17:50:40

I go back to work at the end of Sept (when DD will be 6 months). I work a 3 day week but will be unable to express during the day at all for at least 2 of those days, so I imagine I have no choice but to stop all daytime feeds totally (even for days I am at home with DD?)? What have others done in this situation?? At the moment DD is exclusively breastfed.

I hope to continue with morning and eve feeds for as long as poss (however i dont have a great supply so am a bit worried about how my supply will be affected by the minimal feeding - DD feeds pretty frequently). I am currently on domperidone - would it be best to carry on (I just dont really want to carry on indefinitely) or should I be able to manage? Unfortunately I can't express enough to provide ebm to the childminder - though I had originally hoped to, so I think I have to start her on formula (maybe 2 weeks before I return to work?). It is such a pity i cant make it to 6 months but i suppose 5.5 months isnt going to make that much difference?

Advice much appreciated, thanks

ps Also interested to know what people do from a comfort point of view once they are only bf twice a day. I find it so useful to be able to latch her on when she is tired/upset. Can I still do this or will this just screw everything up?

Tryharder Sat 22-Aug-09 06:39:31

I went back to work fulltime when DS2 was 9 months old so not quite the same but I work funny shifts - nights/earlies/lates/days and not in any particular pattern. I worried about being able to continue breastfeeding but I found that my milk supply has adjusted accordingly and DS2 breastfed loads when I was at home but was OK without it when I was at work. Am still bfeeding now and he's nearly 15 months old.

I suppose because your DD is a bit younger, then she will have to have formula when you are not there. But in the end, you are only working 3 days a week so you will be able to fully breastfeed her on the other 4 days.

I really wouldn't worry - just see how it goes and I am sure you and your DD will find your own routine. Also, I see no reason why you cannot continue to bf for comfort. There is nothing set in stone that says you are allowed to bf only twice a day. You will find anyway that your DD jumps on your chest after a day away at work wink

moondog Sat 22-Aug-09 06:48:06

Wonder why you are having problems expressing?
Often using a differnt pump helps. For example I found Isis useless (manual) but electric Medela fantastic.

Tryharder has good advie.
From 8 months I worked f/t but continue to breastfeed until baby 2 1/2 amd didn't express.

jasperc163 Sat 22-Aug-09 08:28:14

thanks both. I suppose i am worried that I would leak/become engorged on the days that i am working if I carry on feeding f/t on the other days (I def wont be able to express)?

re expressing Moondog - I dont have a problem expressing as such but DD feeds extremely frequently and I cant express unless I have a few hours build up. So it just isnt going to happen in sufficient quantities to avoid formula...

DrCosyTiger Sat 22-Aug-09 09:48:23

Hi all,

I don't have any answers but am watching this thread with interest as I'm in exactly the same situation as jasper. Tryharder (or others who have done this) - did you really find that you could exclusively bf DS on days when you weren't working when on other days you would be going all day without bf-ing? I thought this would be impossible so I am about to introduce an 11am formula feed. I will be working 3 full days per week but ideally would like to bf my LO on the 4 days I'm not working, but I'm worried my supply will dry up during the day and it won't be possible. Or alternatively, like jasper, I'm also worried I'll get incredibly engorged and uncomfortable on the days I am working.

jasperc163 Sat 22-Aug-09 09:54:22

hi drcosytiger
If you are in a position to express on the days you work then i can't imagine it will be too much of a problem? I won't be able to (as in meetings in other peoples offices) which is why i have visions of leaky patches so think i have no choice but to stop feeding during day on days off too :-( ? How old is your DS?

DrCosyTiger Sat 22-Aug-09 11:30:02

No like you I don't think I will be able to express. Or not on any reliable basis anyway and certainly not enough to cover a day's feeds. I will be spending most of my day in classrooms. My DD is 5 months and a bit now, she will be 6 months when I go back. I had resigned myself to FF even on the 4 days I'm at home but if there's a possibility of not having to do that I would love to try ...

jasperc163 Sat 22-Aug-09 14:16:17

sounds like your situation is pretty much the same then. DD will be exactly 6 months when i return. When are you planning to introduce the formula.?

anyone else who went back p/t but couldnt express at work reading? what did you do?

DrCosyTiger Sat 22-Aug-09 22:11:09

Tbh I keep meaning to but keep putting it off! I know DD will take a bottle as DH gives her ebm. But have no idea if she will take formula so really do need to try at least one bottle soon. I have 5 weeks before I go back to work so unless someone comes along on this thread and convinces me I can manage without it I guess I will try replacing one bf with a ff in a couple of weeks time. How about you?

ExtraFancy Sat 22-Aug-09 22:17:05

I went back to work PT, 3 full days a week from Mon-Wed when my DS was 8 months old. He wouldn't take expressed milk from the nursery nurses so just had water/solids while he was there - couldn't give formula either as he just wouldn't have a bottle, full stop!

He would have a huge feed in the morning and another big one when we got home in the evening - I used to love flopping down on the sofa and latching him on for a lovely long cuddle and a feed!

I fed him on demand for the other 4 days every week - my supply seemed to regulate itself as he gradually ate more solids. By about 12 months he was down to morning/late afternoon/evening only, and we stopped completely at about 18 months.

I did have probs with engorgement for the first week or so but this seemed to sort itself out quite quickly. Just used to hand-express a bit into some tissue in the toilets blush and wore breast pads for the first couple of weeks.

Not sure if any of this helps, but wanted to reassure that I was able to carry on feeding

PatTheHammer Sun 23-Aug-09 20:50:57

Hi all having issues. I am unable to express (has cost me a fortune in time and various pumps but just cannot letdown unless DS feeding) and went back when DS was 6 months. At 5.5 months I introduced 1 small bottle of formula in the morning about 10.30/11am. This then increased to a bottle about 2.30pm. he did ok (did not take much but at least did not REFUSE!) We started BLW and then I was off for 6 weeks as only went back for one week before the summer. DS decided to wean himself back onto the breast but because he took so well to solids he just eats food and drinks water between 9am and 4.30pm. He has a little formula in a cup just after lunch and/or occasionally he will have a bottle but he is not fussed. he is now 7.5 months and doing really well, still bf's in morning/late afternoon/2 feeds in the evening and occasionally at night.

My supply has been fine and also boob leakage minimum even though I am with him at the moment 24/7 they don't leak when he cries or anything. In fact I have occasionally fed him during the day at weekends and they have been fine the following day.

My first day back I did wear breast pads and took spares just incase. I would also recommend a dark coloured top and even take a spare. Also be prepared for them to start feeding at night a bit more to make up for you not being there in the day. I would say that DS has about 3-4oz of formula on a good day and the rest is BM. Some days its no formula, depends what he feels like, but he still is just as happy on these dayssmile

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