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help me prepare PLEASE.

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peachespaige Fri 21-Aug-09 11:45:34

Hi there.

I really hope you can help me. Im trying to be super organised and stress free.
My baby isnt due for another 9 weeks but I know when he/she is here I wont have the energy to post a long question and wait for replys.
I have 2 dc already, first one I tried, how I tried to bf but turned out his jaw was disalined from ventouse delivery....
Second fed like a dream but I had so many questions that were unanswered that I spent the first few days in a panic and ended up introducing a bottle of formula at night as mil insisted he was hungry, should he really be feeding that much, give the poor thing a decent feed for goodness sake..... She is coming to stay again so I want to be fully confident this time.
Anyway I would love to have my questions answered in advance so I can print this off and keep it glued to me so if I get confused Ill have the answers.
1) Is is normal that the baby feeds constantly and I mean constantly for the first few days?
2)Should I offer second breast if baby empties first?
3)If so and second breast wasnt completely empied do I start with this breast on next feed?
4)How do I know if breast is empty blush
Im sure it will come back to me but Id like to feel confident.
Bf brings me out in a cold sweat and it is the one area of my mothering ability that I feel completely out of control. I really dont want to feel like this.
Ds ended up mixed fed and I want to soley bf this one.
I hope you can help.

DrCosyTiger Fri 21-Aug-09 11:56:24

Hi Peaches,

I'm no expert but from my experience of feeding DD (now 5 months):

1) Absolutely totally normal. I also got thrown off course by my MIL over this, who kept telling me my DD couldn't possibly still be hungry. She was wrong, but I spent several very unhappy evenings with a screaming LO before I worked out that she just wanted to be fed. I think they do this to stimulate the milk supply. At 2 days, my DD fed all night (literally). It happened again at various points (the constant feeding) - from memory at about 2-3 weeks and at about 6 weeks. I spent several entire evenings sitting on the settee constantly feeding.
2) Yes, absolutely.
3) Yes - and if you're like me and getting as little sleep as I was, make a note of this or use a little safety pin to remind you which one to start on next time.
4) Maybe try squeezing it yourself and see if anything comes out? But you might also just feel that it's gone floppy.

Good luck - remember you are fabulous for doing this for your new LO and do not (I repeat DO NOT) get thrown off course by your MIL. You are so doing the rght thing, so have confidence in yourself! x

MrsGladpuss Fri 21-Aug-09 11:58:42

Hi peachespaige

1. Yes it is normal but also normal if they don't feed so much.
2. Yes.
3. Always start with the opposite breast to the one you started with the time before (I found it useful to twist the strap of the nursing bra round before clipping it back on so I knew which boob I'd fed with last - just remember to unclip and straighten up before you start the next feed)
4. It will feel a bit different (but you'll pick that up as you go) and you can also try a little hand express to see if a bit shoots out. Though i'm sure you know it's never completely empty.

Best of luck for the birth and congratulations!

BertieBotts Fri 21-Aug-09 17:12:11

Do you think it would help if you could have a little chat with your MIL before the birth wrt feeding, or will she get offended? I'm sure you'd be much more confident without her undermining you constantly, and I'm sure she means well - it sounds like she is very ill-informed. Hopefully she will be invaluable helping with your older DCs as well If she is the reading type, you could maybe buy a book for her to have a read through about how breastfeeding works, so she can support you in the early days. (Sorry I don't have any book recommendations except to AVOID "What to expect when breastfeeding...")

peachespaige Fri 21-Aug-09 17:53:45

Thank you so so much. smile

Mil is a very wonderful person and will respect my wishes but with 4 sons who worship her she is slightly Peggy Mitchel wink.
he is great with the dc though. I can handle her lol.

Right armed with advice bring on the baby....

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